The German four-ring carmaker is taking an important step towards safer and smarter mobility. Thanks to a Car-to-Cloud application, the slightest changes in grip on the road surface are detected to immediately alert oncoming drivers of road ice or other unexpected situations on the road surface.

Cars are very complicated tools and much more elaborate than you can imagine. In fact, designing a car is very complicated and is not simply something related to the creation of a good engine that consumes little and a sleek body. With the increase in technology and electronics, passenger cars are becoming more and more perfect and more and more able to help the driver in different situations.

As a primary aspect, traction is one of the fundamental issues that must be developed in order to have maximum road safety. But as we all know, traction can depend on various factors depending, for example, on the presence or absence of ice and other situations that allow the car to have good or poor grip.

Audi has been developing and manufacturing its own cars since 2017, providing them with exceptional capacity. Thanks to a Car-to-Cloud application , cars are able to warn each other of accidents, broken down vehicles, traffic jams, icy roads or limited visibility. All these data are also stored by the German parent company, which is also able to observe how the car behaved by activating or deactivating the electronic stabilization control, the rain and light sensor, the headlights, the activation of the airbags and others. automatisms.

Thanks to a partnership with a Swedish company, Audi is now implementing this aspect making it even faster and safer.

Why all this? Because the greater the number of vehicles that provide the data, the better the reliability and management of future vehicles will be also with regard to autonomous driving. In this way it is also possible to develop road maps that allow the driver to be warned of particular situations.

In 2021, more than 1.7 million vehicles of the Volkswagen group will be able to deliver this data to the information center. This number will increase to 3 million in 2022, thus obtaining a net competitive advantage for the Volkswagen group over other international automotive groups.

The basic philosophy, however, is of total equality for all the brands present within the group. For the Volkswagen group in fact made up of Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and obviously Volkswagen itself , it is not important whether the data comes from a Seat Arona, Porsche 911, from a Skoda Octavia, from a flaming Lamborghini, from a Bentley, from a Volkswagen Golf or Audi A3. All the data are absolutely put on the same level and obviously considering the different powers of the cars.

This decision by Volkswagen is certainly a very important aspect to allow the fastest development of the form of autonomous driving common to all of us.

credit photo AUDI media press