The version dedicated to the Carabinieri of the Alfa Romeo sedan was presented a few hours ago. A special version for things called "Gazelles".

The Carabinieri have always been associated with the AlfaRomeo brand. A brand that is synonymous with sportiness and responsiveness. These two aspects are fundamental for the Carabinieri to garrison and patrol our streets. 70 years ago all the Gazelles, that is all the cars of the Carabinieri, were characterized by the Alfa Romeo brand, while currently collaborations have also been opened with other car manufacturers.

The first new Giulia radiomobile was presented and delivered yesterday. We are talking about a car characterized by an engine with a volume equal to 2000 CC, equipped with a turbocharger and capable of unleashing 200 horsepower. The gearbox is 8-speed automatic and obviously the color is the classic institutional blue livery.

1770 copies will be delivered to every corner of Italy.

During the presentation phase, the President of Stellantis John Elkann, the general commander of the Carabinieri, the CEO of Alfa Romeo and the commander of the Piedmont and Valle D'Aosta Carabinieri were present, as it was presented in Turin.

For all lovers of technical information, this car can reach 230 km per hour and go from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 6.6 seconds.

To obtain this car the traditional street Giulia was obviously taken that we can all buy and several modifications were made. In addition to the integration with additional lights, this car has been integrated with forms of bulletproof and various types of armor.

The windshield is in fact armored , so with the side windows and the anti-smash rear window. The front doors are also toasted, in order to protect the driver and the one standing by. The fuel tank has also been reinforced to avoid problems of any kind.

Inside the car there are obviously the traditional communication systems that are present inside all the cars of the Carabinieri. An interesting aspect is that this car is the first car to have a single-person cell for the prisoner . In this way it is possible to have 3 soldiers on board the car plus the prisoner isolated in a designated area.

The cars have really changed a lot, from the first Giulia car of the Carabinieri in 1951 . Both in terms of volumes, but also in terms of performance. However, the Alfa Romeo design has not changed and is actually being relaunched in a truly exciting future.

Therefore, an excellent job has been done by Alfa Romeo , in our opinion, as it has always been a car capable of chasing criminals, even today when the cars have truly amazing performances.

They will be handed over to local forces shortly. We could therefore see them already in the coming weeks on our streets in order to admire them live and not simply through the photograph present inside a computer or a smartphone screen.

credit photo Stellantis media press