It will arrive on the road in November, but it is already making headlines. We are talking about the new technological flagship of the BMW group: emission-free driving and sportiness with lines that are all in all unprecedented. Let's find out together.

We are about to talk about a car that we will see on the road in a few months, but BMW has decided to present it already now before the summer. It is a fully electric car and whose name is iX.

It is not identifiable within already active segments as we are talking about an S port Activity Vehicle . In other words, it is a cross between an SUV and a vehicle devoted to an active and sporty off-road version.

It has a completely new look that partly incorporates the two maxi kidneys in the front typical of the BMW 4 Series. However, there is talk of a fully electric car that will make its debut, as we have said, in November.

On that occasion it will be possible to choose between two types of models. One with 523 horsepower and the smaller one with 326 hp. In terms of autonomy, the more powerful version can reach 630 km, while the more contained 425 km.

In terms of consumption we are about 20 kWh per 100 km the car. Clearly it comes with a very well balanced driving characteristic, also thanks to the alloy wheels that can be even 22 inches with low tire noise.

The all-wheel drive is electric and some features are included such as the wheel slip limiter integrated in the engine control unit.

The acceleration times are truly lightning-fast and can reach 4.6 seconds to reach 100 km per hour.

This car will be able to recharge its batteries thanks to systems that manage to touch 200 kW with quick recharges. In this way the car is able to recharge from 10% to 80% in less than 40 minutes.

We are therefore talking about a car that is innovative on the outside, but also in the interior. The steering wheel features flattened tops and bottoms. There is a large single large screen divided into different sections that express all the aspects related to the car.

Technically we are talking about two 12-inch and 15-inch displays that form a single large screen. BMW wanted to introduce a new and technological methodology to update the car's software. BMW iX will have the technology that allows updates on-the-air, without having to go to the authorized workshop.

This car is very particular in the exterior both in the front and in the rear. There is not a single rear LED, as is now in fashion, but two very thin mini LEDs that characterize almost the entire rear part.

The side line of the windows is very growing and closes almost completely in the third window.

So, appointment in November to see this new vehicle on the road, which opens the future to SAVs.

credit photo BMW media press