The iconic Automotive Brand has released an important statement, within the first international conference, branded Stellantis.

The Italian-American group has many international realities within it. We start from Fiat, to get to AlfaRomeo, and already within our country, we see how the types of cars and also the target customers are completely different.

An Italian Automotive Brand, which has always been linked to the concept of innate class, is certainly Lancia.

Within the last press conference, which was held in the last few days in the international arena, there are many dates of interesting news for the future.

The energy that was breathed is of a company ready to make the leap again and relaunch itself with new energy. Lancia has always been an icon of sportsmanship as well, as the legendary Stratos HF can be remembered.

116 years of history and sporting achievements, as well as automotive masterpieces. Let's not forget the legendary Fulvia, but also the more modern Thema.

Lancia's future will clearly be with a European objective, and this is already an interesting area for a company that has lagged slightly behind, compared to the other car manufacturers of the Stellantis Brand.

Let's think, for example, of the plurality of Fiat offers, but also of the car manufacturers within the Stellantis international hat.

That said, a relaunch plan has also been released which will see the new Lancia Ypsilon debut in 2024. It will be bigger, and even more chic in order to better continue a success story that has lasted for four generations. Around the world, 3 million units have been sold, and this is a really exciting figure, when you consider within a very crowded segment, such as that of compact city cars.

In 2026, however, a baby flagship will be created with the code name of Aurelia. The bodywork will have raised wheels, and will condense all the best of technology into an elegant and exclusive dress.

The most awaited car, however, will probably arrive in 2028 and will be the heir to the Lancia Delta. A truly sporty car, therefore, which must mark the return of Lancia to the compact midsize sedans. The challenge is to cover 50% of the Italian segment and 50% of the European segment, starting from 2024.

We are clearly talking about the most important territories in Europe, such as France or Spain, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Stellantis group also sees greater product quality in the future of Lancia, although it has always been characterized by premium quality.

Furthermore, let's not forget that we are in the world of ecological transition and 2030 will see the entire Stellantis group making only electric cars. To do this, however, they will have to be built for the important stages of development and Lancia could be the forge of many ideas in this regard.

The objectives speak of fully electric engines starting from 2028. In addition to engines, there is also a lot of talk about how cars are sold.

By that date, in fact, a totally online purchase method should be active in 50% of cases. The commercial network should therefore be rethought, as the Automotive company assumes that it will sell one in two cars online.

Here is how a historical brand, linked to elegance, but also to sportiness, could be totally revolutionized in a few years.

We must say that Lancia has been waiting for an important relaunch for some years, and we are probably now facing that extra step which will allow Lancia enthusiasts to see, at least before 2030, an important revolution.

Let us always remember that from around 2025, there will be the introduction of the famous solid-state electric batteries, which should revolutionize the entire value chain of electric cars.

Characterized by better technology and performance, they could in fact be the driving force that car manufacturers are waiting for in pushing sustainable mobility.

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Credit photo STELLANTIS media press