The Italian-French carmaker together with Samsung, a leader in South Korean technology, has created a company specifically to make batteries for electric cars.

In recent months, several car manufacturers have been making technological deals with the tech giants. A few hours ago, news of the agreement between Stellantis and Samsung for the creation of a company specifically specialized in the production of electric batteries.

As we all know, the challenge of sustainable mobility passes through the creation of increasingly performing electric batteries. This is the real reason why Stellantis has signed the agreement with Samsung.

The new battery plant will be built in 2025 and aims to achieve up to 50 Gigawatt hours in the future.

Stellantis therefore wants to take shelter from the increasingly fierce race in the technological field for the procurement of electric batteries. The choice fell on Samsung and therefore it is a choice linked both to the quantity of production but also to the quality of production. In fact, Samsung is a highly qualified company that will allow Stellantis to develop a strategy for the diffusion of electric cars in every single sector.

On the other hand, Samsung enters into a collaboration with an automotive group among the most important in the world, which will be able to donate stability and large sums of money for what concerns the development of electric batteries.

Stellantis is also currently well under way for battery development. Stellantis' goal is also to sell about 40% of electrified cars in the old continent and in the United States of America within a few years.

Furthermore, within 4 years the Italian-French group decided to invest large sums in electrification and software development. This choice is a must if you want to maintain leadership at an international level before other major competitors can establish the rules of the market.

It is not yet known where the company that was born from the collaboration between Samsung and Stellantis will be built. The place has yet to be chosen and this aspect is not secondary. Much depends on the geopolitical choices that Stellantis and Samsung will want to make. In the phase of identifying these offices, it also depends a lot on how much the individual States undertake to allow the installation and creation of companies within their own country.
The geolocation of highly technological companies is in fact one of the most important current global geopolitical aspects. We all know for example how Tesla has a manufacturing company in the United States and one in China, and one will soon be built in Germany.

The choice of Germany is obviously linked to the positioning of a Tesla company within the old continent, always within an infrastructural and industrial fabric of the highest order.

Hence, Stellantis and Samsung could insert their company within a European country which is also a world leader in the economy. We will see the next developments of this collaboration and of course we will realize it here on YouDriver.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press