The small compact of the French house presents itself in a decidedly perky and sparkling new look.

Citroen has found a very successful car in its legendary # C3. It is no coincidence that it is the best-selling machine of the brand, able to fascinate thanks to its personality and its practicality.

On-board well-being is definitely very high and the small dimensions have allowed this beautiful car to become a protagonist in the city for several years.

A colorful and very versatile car, therefore perfect for use in the city. Characterized by a modern style, which expresses freshness but also protection, a new version is now being renewed and introduced.

The French automotive house has in fact decided to renew the car, introducing a new set-up and completely redesigning the set-ups.

The versions currently in existence are therefore the YOU! Version, the C-SERIES version, the SHINE and finally the top of the range, the ELLE version. Here is how Citroen C3 fits perfectly to different types of people and also to different wallets.

Starting from the base, we clearly have the YOU! Version, which is available with petrol engines, even for novice drivers and a diesel engine. Characterized by 6 body colors and black wheel arch profiles, it manages to be a good compromise between economy and car management.

The manual air conditioning is not missing, but alloy wheels are not available as standard. However, we have some interesting electrically adjustable and heated rear view mirrors, as well as the height and depth adjustable steering wheel. There is also the warning of involuntary crossing of the carriageway, but also the fatigue detector and the speed governor and limiter.

With a price starting at around € 18000, it is really well completed.

Next, we have the C-Series version, which stands out for its distinctive refinement in terms of equipment and comfort. Available in both petrol and diesel versions, it can be easily recognized thanks to a clear specific customization.

In fact, it is characterized by a Color Pack, with touches of contrasting color for details and profiles of the customized fog lights. It is offered as standard with 16-inch wheel covers, as well as a whole series of other options, such as the visibility pack, i.e. the automatic switching on of the headlights and the Follow Me Home function.

As an option, we also have the DAB Navigation pack and emergency braking.

Moving up the category, we have the Shine version, available with 16-inch alloy wheels and rear tinted windows. The colors are very sparkling, even with distinct Pack Color and roof decorations.

Obviously there is no lack of Advanced Comfort seats, in addition to the available 17-inch alloy wheels and the reversing camera for emergency braking.

We now come to the top version, which was operated in May and is now finally available in Italy. We are talking about the C3 Elle, which manages to be the Premium version of this very successful car.

It is available with petrol engines with 6-speed manual gearbox or automatic gearbox. This version is characterized by the double color bodywork as standard, with two colors to choose from for the roof (white or black), which obviously refer to the logos in the colors of the Elle logo.

In combination, we have 5 colors proposed for the bodywork, namely white, two types of gray, a black and a color reminiscent of sand.

Going up the interior of the car, we immediately notice how this version is characterized by a very refined taste and choices.

This can be understood quickly through the fabrics, also equipped with Alcantara details. The dashboard is characterized by a metallic blue profile, which emphasizes the essential lines and perfectly recalls the decoration in the upper part of the backrest.

It is also equipped with 4 power windows, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a whole series of options that are included as standard, such as the 7-inch touch screen with navigator and DAB radio.

This car is very complete indeed. The price list starts at around € 22,000 and therefore manages to embrace a large pool of people.

This is how we are “re-colored” and positioned in a new guise, even more molded around people. Thanks to this, the choice between the versions of Citroen C3 is much more scalable in terms of equipment, thus allowing people to be able to choose with absolute serenity and tranquility.

There is clearly no shortage of diesel engines, which for the moment go hand in hand with petrol engines.

For the moment there is no information for the electric version, but information on this will surely come soon.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press