The automotive world and that of workshops are really complicated to manage. In this article, we will try to understand why some workshops lose many customers, seriously risking closing.

Starting from a simple culinary recipe, there is not a single way and a single methodology to carry out a specific project. We simply think of pizza, and of the different variations that can take over the realization. We can indulge ourselves in a thousand ways, with 1000 variations on the theme, adding or removing certain ingredients. In the same way, managing a workshop depends on an infinite series of variables, which depend partly on us, but also partly on the market.

Some shops close immediately, or others lose more customers than they initially acquired. All this is clearly deleterious, both for the individual entrepreneur and for the community. Having an efficient garage near the house is certainly a sign of well-being for a particular country or city. On the other hand, if, on the other hand, the confusing and unprofessional workshop, the customers certainly run away.

Within this article, therefore, we will analyze the main errors that are made within a workshop. This article is therefore to be read and done in order to make a quick reflection ... if everything we are organizing is in line with the advice that we are about to introduce now.

The first macro error is certainly an image and a communication that is not well defined. It is very important to have a well-defined image of your workshop. Creating an ad hoc logo means having a logo that is immediately remembered in people's minds. In this way, it will be much easier to be a reference for customers and potential customers. This also offers a signal of greater reliability, as it underlines how the workshop takes care of even the smallest details. It is not necessary to make a large investment, as on this aspect we can turn to a reference graphic designer in our area, who translates our reality into a clear and easily understandable logo.

The second aspect that is part of the communication is the reception and the checklist that must be carried out during the reception phase. We speak trivially of the date of receipt of the vehicle, as well as the diagnosis and any spare parts or pre-established delivery times. The more detailed information we provide to our customers, the happier the customer is and the assurance of top-notch customer service.

The second macro mistake is certainly poor customer service, or rather that it does not meet customer expectations. Clearly not all workshops can be Premium, however this does not mean that it should be a place of aggregation of errors or in any case with very mild customer care. The primary advice is to offer a service by appointment, in order to avoid queues and to make the reception as smart and quick as possible. Of course, there are emergencies, but these cannot be planned. For all other eventualities, the advice is to work as much as possible by appointment, in order to also have a perfect management and knowledge of the timing that will be carried out within the workshop.

Poor customer service also involves diversified communication, depending on the channels. We may have a beautiful website, but it may be difficult to communicate with the customer via the same website.

For this reason, we recommend using the YouDriver application, which allows you to communicate immediately and free of charge with the customer. In this way, all you need is a mobile phone and all you need to communicate with the customer is simply the app.

Let's not forget a follow-up service, on customer satisfaction, in order to highlight any small inconveniences or situations, which occurred after delivering the car to the customer.

The last macro error that must not be made, is definitely an ineffective service. The first aspect is punctuality in delivery. We try to be as precise and punctual in delivery, without decreasing the quality of the intervention or also decreasing customer satisfaction.

If we realize that the repair needs more time, the advice is to immediately notify the customer of the change in the delivery time. When we make an estimate, we must also carefully check the workload of the workshop, in order to have a well-defined estimated time, without overloading us and our collaborators, excessively with work.

If we are opening a workshop, these speeches can be a bit complicated, but with the passage of time, surely everything becomes much more fluid and understandable. We therefore try not to choke on orders and not to accept quotes, for the simple fact of letting in customers. It is not so important to let the customer in once, but it is important to let him in several times, spread over time.

So if we try to get new customers with bargain prices, but with deliveries that are then not made on time or on the set day, we can be sure that all this entrepreneurial reality will face important problems.

The second aspect within an inefficient service is the modification to the quote. In fact, it may happen that when we go to make a diagnosis, we do not count certain pieces that need to be replaced. If anything, we can also talk about pieces of small tens of euros or a few euros, but it is essential to always communicate to the customer any variation and any modification of the estimate.

This behavior must be carried out with all customers, regardless of the type of car and the price range to which the car belongs. In fact, we must not think that we are very precise with Premium cars, and discriminate this behavior with economic cars. Even those who buy a used car for a few thousand euros, have the full right to be informed about any changes that need to be made, during the repair phase of the vehicle.

This aspect can also concern “non-fundamental” interventions, but which can still be important to carry out. If we are removing, for example, the front bumper of the car, we may notice that the washer fluid reservoir has a small leak, and it is necessary to go and replace it. We are therefore talking about a few tens of euros, but also in this case the change in the estimate must be communicated to the customer.

So here is how three macro errors can lead to quickly losing customers in every workshop. It is not enough to simply be good at what you do, but you have to be good at running a workshop.

The best mechanic in the world, who can also come directly from Formula 1, if he has a garage that is not optimized in terms of workflows, will surely face economic losses, precisely because a customer does not simply look at the technical skill but the whole complex of vehicle management.

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Credit photo Freekpik