The Japanese car manufacturer presented the new concept vehicle, designed to conquer the a segment in the coming years. Let's find out together.

Toyota, which has always been a leader in sector A and B, has decided to introduce a new product that will surely revolutionize the next few years as regards its presence within the A segment.

As a first aspect, let's immediately define what we are talking about, as far as segment A is concerned. It is in fact the segment that of the most compact city cars, which lately is about to be abandoned by the large car manufacturers that are moving instead to segment B. The segment A in fact it is manned by cars such as the C1, the Yaris, unlike the B segment, where we find the 500x so to speak.

Many car manufacturers are escaping from the A segment as it has little margin and there is little profitability on that aspect. And it is also for this reason, we say it immediately, that the new Aygo X will not have a form of 100% electric electrification. In fact, there are no margins to position this 100% electric car at a competitive price. Toyota therefore focuses completely on 100% petrol vehicles, and in the future to a form of electrification, but not 100% complete.

This car has a lot of character and you notice it right away as soon as you look at it. Finally, a car manufacturer dares more in terms of aggressiveness and sportiness within a segment that has always been considered as something softer and more muffled.

The front is certainly the most aggressive aspect also thanks to the large headlights that characterize the line. The contrasting roof, in black color, also allows the car to be even more slender and to define itself as absolutely ultra-sporty even in small dimensions. The fog lights and underbody protection also allow a new hexagonal pattern in contrasting black color, which develops a dynamic design for a car ready to be anywhere. This car is in fact a perfect little crossover for the free spirits of tomorrow. Not by chance. in the external rearview mirror, there is an action camera that can be used in order to capture and share the trips that are made outside the city center.

Toyota designers have also focused a lot of their studies on colors. These new colors have been defined, recalling the sense of taste. The names are in fact: chilli, ginger, wasabi and black pepper.

Warning! However, we are talking about a concept that will probably see the light in a few years, also because it could conquer the market share when the small ones of the Peugeot and Citroen houses will have no heirs from 2022.

However, it should present itself with this line roughly, a 5-door perfectly cut to be a small city SUV and ready to conquer even uncharted territories. The doors are almost invisible, thanks also to Tesla-like handles that are integrated into the bodywork. The rear is also very reminiscent of the current Aygo and on this aspect we believe that a lot still has to be developed, starting above all from the optical groups and from the rear to protect the body. In practice, in our opinion, Toyota does not want to reveal too much on the "design" side of the rear.

We therefore believe, ultimately, to be able to see the final version ready to be positioned on the asphalt, between 2022 and 2023, when therefore the bulk of the automotive market will be removed towards a form of segment B, so more pronounced.

credit photo Toyota media press