Toyota presents a world premiere of its new Concept for the future family of battery electric vehicles. Let's find out together.

Just a few minutes ago, the Japanese car manufacturer à Toyota presented its new all-electric Coupé-style SUV with a world premiere. We are talking about the first in a series of zero-emission battery electric vehicles. The location used to present this vehicle to the world is the Shanghai Automotive Show.

The car is defined as medium-sized with four-wheel drive and is in fact made in collaboration with the car manufacturer par excellence in terms of four-wheel drive. We are talking about the legendary Subaru, which made Rally history thanks to its Impreza.

The name of this car is quite complicated but it is linked to a very important concept. The letters BZ are in fact the acronym for Beyond Zero, or Toyota's commitment to add zero emissions and carbon neutrality as well as having benefits for the environment.

We should be able to see the final version on the road around 2022 , particularly in the second half of the year. Toyota and Subaru designers developed this car with the intention of isolating people from the outside, in a sort of suspension of time during the travel phase. According to the project chief engineer, the ideal target is a person who wants to give importance to the time spent with family and friends.

Looking at it externally, you immediately notice how the dynamic shape of the car is absolutely put in the foreground on this aspect. The SUV clearly has a distinctive high drive, but it also has a well defined Coupé structure thanks to the curvy surfaces and has a fairly well defined arch. The front of the car obviously does not have a whole series of air intakes as are obviously present inside the technical cars. The designers have therefore managed to define a quality standard in terms of decidedly high appeal. Observing it from the rear three quarters, we immediately notice how the unique horizontal LED line is also an essential must for this car.

Looking at the interior, you can see how the cockpit has been designed around the driver , who has a feeling of direct connection with the road. The low dashboard in fact allows a wide visibility and emphasizes a concept of interior spaciousness. The driver's controls are also outlined around the center console and have been developed in order to have a high level of usability by the driver.

The digital instrumentation of the dashboard, positioned above the ruffle , allows a minimum movement of the eyes to be able to read all the information.

This car will be the first car in the world to have a steering box and a steer-by-wire system. In this way the driver will have greater control and there will not be a series of typical disturbances created by bumpy road surfaces and also disturbances related to braking. This system in fact eliminates the traditional circular steering wheel and inserts a technology that allows the driver to eliminate the classic circular movement while making a curve. In this way the driving pleasure is significantly increased according to Toyota and Subaru engineers.

An appointment therefore for the middle of 2022 in order to see this new little big gem on the road.

credit photo TOYOTA media press