In this guide we see a little discussed liquid but really fundamental for diesel cars equipped with scr catalyst.

Lately the diesel engine has been having quite a few problems about its diffusion and its sale. With the gradual spread of the green automotive market, diesel is almost progressively being replaced by hybrid engines.

In any case, the system for reducing polluting emissions by the diesel itself is interesting and efficient. All this is due to technological progress but also to a particular system and a particular liquid. The latter is called AdBlue, also called DEF, or Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

It is a fundamental liquid for what concerns the operation of diesel cars with scr catalytic converter.

To understand how this catalyst works, we must imagine that thanks to the introduction into the exhaust duct, a series of chemical reactions can be developed . The AdBlue is inserted into a tank thanks to a feed pump and a dispenser is introduced into the catalyst.

The 200 degrees are reached quickly, also thanks to the presence of water vapor which turns into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Ammonia also reacts with nitrogen oxides and forms nitrogen and water.

To work, you obviously need a complete working system. There must therefore be a good level of AdBlue inside the engine in order to have an efficient system.

According to the Italian law, in case of total lack of this liquid, it is not possible to start the engine. The advice is obviously to refill this liquid as soon as you notice a slight decrease. Modern cars also contain a whole series of alarm systems that signal any necessary intervention situation.

Normally we can travel about 10,000 kilometers without topping up but it depends above all on the car and also on the capacity of the tank.

The cost is really minimal and is around € 0.70 per liter. In some cases we can even reach € 2.50 per liter in some drums. There are also differences between different AdBlue, depending on the manufacturers. However, all houses must comply with the ISO 22241 standard which guarantees correspondence and the minimum safety requirements prescribed.

Obviously then each manufacturer will try to develop a product as much in line with their skills and research.

It is also possible to buy this liquid both in charging stations but even in supermarkets and spare parts shops. In many service stations it is possible to withdraw the liquid using dedicated pumps quickly and quickly.