Very often, many workshops do not create an efficient marketing plan, due to some common mistakes. Let's find out what these errors are, so as to avoid them.

Everyone does their job, in the best possible way. We can safely say that this phrase can be applied to many sectors and many areas. No one is perfect in every area, and therefore it is normal to make some mistakes.

An automotive professional cannot be trained on every aspect related to his own workshop. A truly delicate area, which unfortunately can often lead to serious errors, is marketing.

The entrepreneur may not have been adequately trained in the past years to better manage marketing situations and actions. So here's how some common mistakes could be avoided in a very simple way.

In this article we wanted to condense the main errors, which are made by entrepreneurs who open a mechanical workshop or by its managers. By solving these common mistakes, it is therefore possible to create better customer service and higher revenues, as well as an increase in regular customers.

Let us always remember that it is very important to optimize the fixed clientele, rather than looking for new clients. The cost of managing a customer is certainly lower than the cost of finding a new customer.

The first common mistake is not to define a content publishing plan. If, for example, within the YouDriver application, you do not create a chronological content plan, which can go to favor a complete illustration of your skills, we are probably leaving fertile ground for our competitor, who instead optimizes this aspect.

We must not think that the digital media are little “Merlin Wizard”, that is, they are able to solve every aspect, without any scope of contribution.

We ourselves have to go and work on them, optimizing the contents that are within our pages, such as YouDriver. By inserting photographs of the processing, but also photos that demonstrate how we are performing and attentive to quality, here we are therefore able to obtain a decidedly optimized result.

To do this, however, we recommend creating a time schedule that allows us to have a clear mapping of what we are going to publish, in order to have a clear definition of what is to come.

We also try to plan all promotional campaigns, in order to have everything within an optimized management. Planning ahead means not being rushed in certain situations, in order to create campaigns that are as perfect as possible.

We also send personalized campaigns, on that particular segment of people. If we notice that a certain type of campaign converts more, compared to a certain segment, then we can go and subsequently make a promotion on that particular customer segment.

These observations can be made, even in a broader context linked to the type of car. If we have special promotions on large tires, the advice is to send communication to customers who own SUVs. It would be a detriment to image, to communicate the promotion on 20-inch wheels and tires to people who have a Fiat Panda. This very simple example allows us to understand very quickly how the greatness of marketing manages to be as tailor-made as possible within ordinary management.

Another mistake very often is not interacting with reviews. The most recent reports state that over 90% of people read reviews and define their choices based on the reviews themselves. Not going to answer correctly, or at least not interacting with reviews, almost means ignoring that little time that the customer has dedicated to us.

No customer is obliged to review a particular business, but they do it for pleasure and to testify how that particular business is of excellent quality. A solid and well-optimized reality, also goes to respond simply with a "Thank you", and an appreciation under the review left by the customer. This small peculiarity can highlight very clearly how the activity is 360 ° attentive to the quality itself.

A further mistake that is made is that of not implementing marketing levers. By now the cars are “always the same”, and therefore it would be necessary to find that particular promotion that manages to steal and involve the customer, in order to create a competitive advantage over competitors.

A subscription program could be a good idea to ensure a steady income, as long as the customer is clearly known and properly trained on all aspects of this promotion. In fact, we can define a monthly subscription, in the case of a certain circle of test customers, which could be those who benefit from this promotion. Obviously we must be very careful, and make precise assessments on this aspect.

In the end, however, a fundamental element must permeate the world of Automotive marketing, namely programming.

The programming of any project must be as much declined in advance as possible. We must consider the Automotive, as one of the largest industrial sectors that actively manages to decline marketing levers in an optimal way, if these are planned.

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