A special version for the worst 500 around was presented a few hours ago. An engine capable of unleashing 165 horsepower, with the same engine as the Formula 4 single-seaters.

Fiat wanted to combine the world of racing with the world of the road. We all know how Formula 1 is a huge circus where equipment is approved and made that we will probably see after a few years on the road. Fiat wanted to immediately unite the world of Formula 4 with the legendary and timeless Abarth brand.

Hence, the new Abarth # F595 is a special version with the engine even of the Tatuus Formula 4 single-seater. Under the hood there is in fact a 1400 cubic centimeter turbojet petrol engine with a power of 165 horsepower and 230 Newton meter. couple . These data allow the car to sprint from 0 to 100km / h in just 7.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 218km / h.

To recognize this car aesthetically, just look at the four vertical terminals obviously positioned in the rear. They are renamed the Record Monza Sovrapposto.

In addition to this, we have the typical 17-inch sport alloy wheels in matte black and a rally blue chrome on the rear-view mirrors. The latter are also in contrast with the body colors which can be race white, scorpion black, record gray, asphalt gray, track gray and campovolo gray.

This car, however, is not extreme and dedicated simply to a road re-edition of a track car. In fact, there is no shortage of fog lights , as well as a leather steering wheel and comfortable sports seats.

The driver is also guided by the Uconnect multimedia system with a large 7-inch HD touchscreen. Of course, there is no lack of integration with smartphones via Apple carplay and Google Android auto.

What is certain is that this car is decidedly sporty and in fact it can also be seen from the Koni rear suspension with FSD technology and a sporty driving mode Scorpion Mode . In fact, there is a button that allows you to activate or deactivate the exhaust valve in order to have a more or less aggressive sound. On the F595 it is also possible to vary the torque output, as well as the calibration of the power steering and the response of the pedal.

Abarth has placed a braking system with ventilated discs of 284 mm in the front and 240 in the rear on this car in order to guarantee optimal safety for its passengers.

For lovers of technical data, this car also has a five-speed manual gearbox but it is also possible to choose a sequential six-speed gearbox.

The front suspension is McPherson with stabilizer bar, while the rear is with a torsion axle and stabilizer bar . The power-to-weight ratio for this new one is an exceptional 6.5 kg / horsepower.

In this way it is possible to obtain a mixed consumption that varies approximately 6.5 liters per 100 km . Obviously it also depends a lot on the type of driving, but we can say that all in all it is a car that drives well in the city, also due to its compactness and practicality.

Clearly if you are looking for a large and spacious car, it is not the car for you, but it is especially for all those who want something exclusive and sporty.

To bring this car home you need about 22 thousand euros, but it is already possible to position yourself on board the car with a loan of just € 229 per month.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press