The compact SUV from Volkswagen also makes its debut in the old continent after having achieved excellent results in the rest of the world.

The first SUV # Coupé from Volkswagen is finally launched within the compact segment in Europe.

Thanks to modern and compact petrol engines, it is able to offer efficient low-emission propulsion. Characterized by a particular look, the driving position is raised and perfect for everyday versatility.

The character of the Taigo is decidedly sporty, aggressive and is therefore perfect for a market that demands as much sporting modernity as possible. Looking at the car from the trocar, you can observe how the rear arch progressively descends into the rear part of the vehicle.

Volkswagen has in fact created this car with the aim of meeting even lovers of the Coupé world. However, this aspect does not limit the spaciousness for the passengers' heads. Using the transversal modular platform, MQB has managed to create, in addition to the Polo and the T-cross, a third body version that is perfect for a third sector of customers.

The internal instrumentation is totally digital and has the latest generation of infotainment systems.

The Suv Coupé has a length of about 426 cm and is therefore perfect for a life in the city without having the anxiety of space or being too bulky.

The trunk is very important and is equal to 438 liters. In this way it manages to compete directly with many other cars in the premium sectors which are therefore able to give spaciousness to anyone who needs to carry different material with them.

The car is also equipped with a partially automated driving. In fact, the IQ Drive Travel assist system is on board. In fact, there is the new predictive adas that automatically adjusts the distance from the car in front in consideration of the speed limits and data on the route of the navigation system. In this way the driver is more relaxed and can be more comfortable while driving.

As for the infotainment we obviously have the latest version of the MIB3 which has the online Control Unit and the wireless App Connect inside.

This car is therefore very interesting and should have engines equal to 1,000 and 1,500 cubic centimeters on gasoline for a snappy and modern propulsion. At the moment no information has yet been released about the details of the engines or details related to the price.

This car, however, fits perfectly with regard to practical and modern driving within the city. Once again Volkswagen has managed to create a third type of car in addition to the Polo and the T-cross, thus leaving the standard SUV concept and producing a third vehicle on the same platform.

Volkswagen's style manages to conquer more and more people as it is not trivial and does not create copies of other cars by increasing or decreasing the size.

The choice not to embrace the diesel engine is somewhat symptomatic of the progressive path that Volkswagen has defined in recent times. The German car manufacturer has in fact sanctioned that it will progressively dispose of and dispose of petrol and diesel engines to fully embrace the ecological choice.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press