The SUV powered by hybrid drive was the plug-in vehicle sold in Europe in the first half of 2021. Let's see the details and the reasons for this success.

Ford is one of the largest international car manufacturers. It has an impressive manufacturing strength on its side and also a technology ready to keep up with the great international competitors.

With her SUV Kuga she once again managed to hit the mark in one of the most interesting and competitive sectors of the current market.

Speaking of the hybrid version, in particular plugin, it is the best-selling hybrid in Europe in the first half of 2021.

Looking at the data, it is also noted that in 49% of the kilometers traveled the owners of the Kuga used only externally charged electricity. In this way, the savings on consumption are enormous and also allows you to have almost total independence from the petrol station.

June was also an excellent month as it registered a record 6,300 units registered. We remind you that June, like December, is one of the most interesting months for the purchase of cars as it is the end of the first half and therefore linked to a whole series of incentives on registrations.

Adding up the Kuga hybrid cars sold from March to June, 16,000 units were sold.

Plugin models are growing and currently account for about 8% of sales in the second quarter of 2021. The half plugins are perfect as they manage to combine urban use and extra-urban use.

Inside the city you can in fact travel comfortably using only the form of electric traction while if you were to move outside then you would use gasoline.

Kuga has a declared autonomy of about 56 km and this is absolutely in the normal habit of a daily life. To recharge the car it is possible to do it during the night where the cars are often and willingly left even for 10 hours in the garage, thus allowing complete recharging.

To fully recharge the battery, it takes 6 hours using a normal household supply.

45% of all refills made were carried out at night and this shows that people are almost totally independent from the petrol station.

Kuga is a spacious car, which also allows you to have the convenience of moving around the city with a large and comfortable vehicle.

An excellent result therefore for Ford which has managed to decline a well-equipped SUV with a daily and concrete utility. So congratulations to Ford and we await confirmation of this performance figure by the end of the year.

credit photo FORD media press