A very bright color to remember the history of a brand that is emblematic of American sportsmanship.

It is not often that car manufacturers want to create special versions specifically linked to a color.

However, it happens with Mustang who wanted to make a special version of its ultra-fast Coupé. All this in homage to the original 1993 Triple White Fox, a white color for the Coupé, but also for the electric version declined in the Mach-E SUV.

A car that certainly stands out and that could very well be the object of attention even for collectors. We all know how much Mustang is coveted by collectors and even more so in the special versions with ad hoc colors.

As for the Mustang SUV, Mach-E, this color will only be available on premium models.

Thanks to the Ice White Edition, we could see some ultra special features. The first aspect is certainly the exclusive Star White mirror caps and wheel moldings.

The pony, which is positioned in the front grille, is also declined in an Oxford White color and is also present between the taillights.

The sportiness of Mustang is also declined with 19-inch alloy wheels made specifically in white color.

Once in the car, white also characterizes the interior considerably, starting with the seats and continuing on to the center console and armrests.

To have this car we have to wait a little longer as it will be arriving in 2022 and orders will only open in the fall.

In all, only 1500 units of this particular color will be made.

At the level of details, no changes were made and this in order not to create a restyling of the car and not to create differences that could at least create doubts or at least problems of choice related to the type of cars to be purchased.

A few more months then to presumably see around March-April next year, a sports car like the Coupé or a 100% electric version of the Mustang Mach-E SUV with this beautiful white color.

Ford's choice is to create an exclusive product that can thrill four-wheel enthusiasts and collectors.

Surely this version will have a higher price but no information has yet been released about it. We therefore look forward to the arrival of autumn in order to view the price lists of this beautiful color that is perfectly molded over the two Ford cars.

credit photo FORD media press