The house of the star announces the plug-in hybrid with a good 316 km / h and 843 horsepower. Sportiness and premium features.

Carmaker Mercedes has decided to present its first high-performance plug-in car. The technologies derive directly from Formula 1 and allow you to have unique sensations on board the car.

After a first teaser released a few days ago was introduced, the presentation is now truly official. It will “clash” directly with the future BMW # M5 as it is its direct rival in terms of market segments.

This new monster created by Mercedes is equipped with a V8 engine with a 4000 cubic centimeter double turbocharger which has been joined by a synchronous electric motor in turn supported by a high-performance battery. Combining these two propulsion units we have a total power of 843 HP and a maximum total torque of over 1400 Newton meters.

The lucky owners and owners of this vehicle will be able to go from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 2.9 seconds and reach the stratospheric speed of 316 km per hour.

Looking at the car you immediately notice how Mercedes wanted to give a muscular design and all in all important in terms of aggressiveness.

Looking at the car from the front three quarters we can see how the bonnet is much lowered while the tail underlines a design and a sporty DNA in a four-door Coupé style.

Returning to the front we notice how the air grills are wider and have a more pointed shape towards the central part of the car. Those who decide to purchase this car will have the opportunity to choose between four matt paints and five metallic shades, in addition to the classic two standard colors.

Mercedes also provides a customization program that allows you to create seven other new color realities that can obviously be chosen with an economic surplus.

There is also a whole series of packages that allow you to have a set of details in a single choice. For example, there is the carbon package or the night package. By choosing the sportier and more performing version, the equipment is obviously at the highest standards.

The AMG GT 63 SE performance version allows you to have the Ride control + AMG appearance with a new suspension system. Climbing into the car, we immediately notice how digitalization is now almost total in these cars. In fact, there are two important screens that allow you to have all the information in a single quick glance.

Mercedes also wanted to further improve its infotainment system with graphics that allow you to have all the information about the sportiness of the car.

No information has yet been released regarding prices, but they will certainly not be of a level from all portfolios.

credit photo MERCEDES media press