The extra-luxury division of Mercedes presented its 100% electric Concept. In production since 2022, it creates an evolution for the ultra-premium segment in a new all-electric mode.

Mercedes has also decided to invest in the ultra-luxury car segment in a fully electric guise . This is the case with the new Mercedes Maybach EQS which will be produced starting next year.

On the occasion of the Monaco show there will be a concrete preview in order to see this beautiful car live. Looking at the photos that have been released online, we immediately notice how there is a perfect mix between modernity and refinement.

The SUV has in fact a very fluid silhouette, characterized by a lowered front and a very inclined front pillar. Obviously, the characteristic front of the electric Mercedes is not missing.

One of the first aspects that strikes in the front three-quarter are the diamond-shaped LED headlights. These are typical features of the Maybach, as well as the two-tone paint and chrome very present in the car.

Among the thousand features of this car, we want to point out the access steps which have been inlaid with the Maybach emblem.

An aspect of refinement and refinement, which only these vehicles have, are the interiors of this car which are real traveling salons in the true term. The rear seat has been designed with two single seats and very spacious leg rests.

The center console that runs between the two rear seats continues into the two front seats and is practically suspended.

In terms of lighting, the interior of the car is beautiful and allows the lucky owners of this car to enjoy the most unbridled luxury.

Of course, there is no shortage of mini goodies, such as the personalized fridge box and the compartment for sparkling wine glasses. The interior is dominated by a white color that characterizes the car's sense of spaciousness and cleanliness.

The car is characterized in the front interior by a hyperscreen or a single screen, immersive in digital terms. Screens are practically everywhere and allow a complete view of the car in a minimalist style.

According to the data declared to Mercedes, this car has a declared autonomy of 770 km and a power of 524 horsepower and 855 Nm of torque.

We can also obviously imagine an extra sporty configuration for those who have a large wallet, but obviously do not want to give up the ultra-performance data of the car.

Currently there are no known characteristics related to the price but they are obviously negligible aspects that cannot affect the power and beauty of this car.

An aspect that we want to underline is for example the concept of the steering wheel, now declined to almost a rectangular shape as the upper and lower arch has been eliminated. It almost looks like the driver is driving a car from a space science fiction movie. and instead we are talking about a 100% electric car, a world leader always in unbridled luxury and now completely eco-sustainable.

credit photo DAIMLER media press