The Japanese automotive company has decided to create a cross version of its planetary success car. We are talking about Corolla Cross.

It often happens that car manufacturers make ad hoc versions for a few geographical areas. An example is the recent debut of the new Corolla Cross for the Asian market only.

It will not arrive in Italy but it is still an interesting car that could also have a variation for the European market in a second phase (in our opinion). Currently Toyota confirms that there will be no sales in Italy but we like to think that one day we will also see it on our roads.

It should be available from next January and has a typical line of compact SUVs. It will be on sale for the Japanese market, while the more attentive already know that a similar version is already on the market in Thailand and in the States. However, there are interesting differences between the two versions, both for the technical sector but also for a whole other series of aspects.

The car is 4 meters and 46 cm long, which is 19 less than the station wagon version. The front, however, is completely redesigned with a very aggressive vertical grille and headlights and thin on the outside.

The optical groups are in fact developed horizontally and present some interesting innovations compared to the Corolla Cross SUV presented in the United States of America.

This car will not have a diesel version: there will only be a 1800 cubic centimeter petrol and the classic now plug-in-hybrid available with two or four-wheel drive.

Toyota is not unbalanced in terms of consumption, but limits itself to saying that they are very interesting. According to what is learned they should be about 26 km with only one liter of fuel according to the type of approval WLTP.

The car will be able to guarantee an interesting space for luggage even in the configuration with all the seats in their “ordinary” state. In fact, the trunk has a minimum capacity of 487 liters with 5 passengers on board. Obviously, if we go to knock down the rear seats, the space will increase considerably and it will be possible to arrive at some really important data.

Toyota has not yet precisely defined the debut date of this SUV, but we can say with absolute serenity the launch prices. For the Japanese market, which is a different market in several respects and also in terms of willingness to pay, the price for gasoline is around € 15,400 while the hybrid version should be around € 20,000.

For the top-of-the-range version we should eventually spend around € 25,000.

From the images that we can observe this vehicle is interesting as it perfectly combines the latest Toyota trends, namely the horizontal development of the headlights and a very arched line of the rear part of the vehicle.

The new Toyota Corolla Cross manages to combine the compact declination of the Corolla with a cross version and this can be seen in particular from the black plastic parts that have been inserted to protect the bodywork in the wheel arch, in the side skirts and in the front and rear grille.

Presented with an electric blue line and color, this car should have interesting sales figures in the Japanese market. We will see if, as we have said, a European version will eventually be proposed at a later time.

credit photo TOYOTA media press