At the twentieth edition of the Autobest award, the Spanish compact was crowned Best Buy Car in Europe 2021.

Seat takes home the Best Buy Car Curopa award for the second time in its history.

On the first occasion it was thanks to Seat Ateca, in 2017, and now it is the turn of the compact sedan car.

This award was decided by the best European automotive journalists. After 4 years from Seat Ateca, here is a coveted award for the Spanish house. All this we must say that it is thanks to the art of realization in Spain, under the guidance and cloak of Volkswagen.

Seat Leon in fact stood out above all for the line and for the concrete achievements of the car.

Volkswagen and especially Seat have invested heavily in the development of this car. By car designed and produced entirely in Barcelona for a 100% European realization.

Seat has been growing a lot in recent years and this could be a reward for the strong drive that Luca De Meo has achieved in recent years before moving to Renault.

This award is in fact important because it is considered independent and underlines an authentic and professional evaluation by international journalists.

Leon is in fact a car that has managed to enter the heart of Europeans for many years with over 2 million units sold across all generations.

Now we have reached the fourth generation characterized by a change also in electrification.

This car is one of the very few on the market that has a whole series of power supplies that allow it to satisfy almost all people. Seat in fact wanted to place under the hood of this beautiful sedan, not only the traditional petrol and diesel engines, but also the hybrid and plug in hybrid engines. With the exception of gas and electric power, obviously the legendary methane power supply characteristic of the Volkswagen group as well as Golf and Audi A3 is not missing.

Thanks to this jury of 31 journalists who have indicated the car as the best Best Car in Europe 2021, Leon stands out from all other competitors for a truly solidity and development that can be analyzed as an emblem of a European ability to develop new cars.

Although the technology may indeed be actively copied and exported, European crafting art in terms of design is still a premium and internationally dominant aspect.

It is indeed very difficult to copy the skilful pencil of the Seat designers, as well as of many other European manufacturers. Each state has car manufacturers that have their own specific identity. We think of the French Citroen, Peugeot or Renault, but also of the Germans as well as the Italians.

Seat fits into this European puzzle with a very strong and international proposal and as we have seen, it has brought home excellent results.

credit photo SEAT media press