The electric automotive world embraces the maxi SUV from the German four-ring house.

Sustainable mobility is increasing more and more, and every day there is valuable information that is worth considering. Today's main news is coming directly from Germany and precisely from Audi.

The German four-ring manufacturer has decided to update its historic Audi e-tron. It changes its name and becomes Audi # Q8 e-Tron.

It is updated, both in content, but also in form, obtaining important variations in the stylistic field.

We are not technically speaking of the electric version of the large Audi Coupé SUV, or the Q8.

The front of the new car features the classic Audi octagonal grille, which however has a new design. In fact, the frame extends to the base of the headlights, which are joined by an LED strip.

Other novelties concern in particular the front bumper and the fascia which have been revised in shape.

The logo is in two dimensions, in addition to the lettering that is positioned at the uprights. There are also some changes in the underbody, such as spoilers positioned for the happiness of aerodynamic lovers.

There are two slits in the front, which are opened or closed according to the driver's choice, to improve air flows. In this way, the electric car technically embraces the world of thermal cars as electric cars do not normally have some slits in the front. Thus, the drag coefficient can vary.

The dimensions do not change, remaining about 4 meters 90 in length by 190 cm in width. The wheelbase is almost 3 meters, and therefore allows for optimal management of space and people on board.

The load capacity with 5 people on board is around 570 liters, a very good figure for a complete holiday.

There are three versions of this outstanding new vehicle. They are all equipped with all-wheel drive.

Let's start with the 50 version, which is powered by two electric motors for a total of 340 horsepower. The autonomy in this case is 490 km.

The 55 version has a power of 408 horsepower and an autonomy that can even reach 600 km.

Obviously, the ultra sports version is not missing, with three electric motors, or 2 rear and 1 front, for a total power of 503 horsepower. In this case, the motor torque is almost 1000 Newton meters.

Audi wanted to make two different types of batteries, namely 95 kWh for the lighter version and 114 for the Premium versions. In this way, it is possible to make a full electric power up to 150 kW in a few minutes. We talk about 31 minutes to go from 10% up to 80% in direct current. Obviously there is no lack of alternating current which, however, is characterized by decidedly long charging times.

In terms of comfort, this car features adaptive air suspension with a ground clearance that can vary by up to 76mm.

Compared to the older generation, the spring settings have been revised in order to contain roll and pitch. The steering is now much more direct, and allows for optimal management of the car.

Of course, the Matrix led headlights are available, shared with the Audi A8.

As for driving assistants, we can count on about 40 different technologies that vary depending on the area of interest.

No information has been released about the release date or prices.

We are probably talking about cars that will be out on the road very soon and therefore it will be very easy to see them on our roads in the coming months.

As we can see, therefore, AUDI wanted to create a refresh of its original electric car, within a truly competitive segment. The automotive world of sustainability is constantly evolving and is trying to embrace as many audiences and as many willingness to pay.

Clearly, anyone who buys an electric Fiat 500 cannot get anywhere near these cars, both for a management question, but also for a purchase question. Buying such a car involves an important economic outlay, but it can certainly give excellent sensations in terms of car management.

Driving prestigious cars, such as the new Audi Q8 e-tron, is something truly beautiful and unforgettable. Stability, as well as comfort and safety, certainly cannot be compared to cars of another segment and other price range.

This new great vehicle can be positioned in a truly enviable Premium range .. coveted not only by citizens but also by other automotive manufacturers. There are not many car manufacturers because they can afford to make a car with this expressive line, and with this characterization of the interior.

The engines are clearly made in an excellent way and these too allow for the most fluid and optimal handling while driving.

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credit photo AUDI media press