The international off-road fair will be held near Viareggio from 15 to 17 October. Here's how to get involved.

In this year of restart for the whole Automotive economy, Versilia becomes a meeting place for all off-road lovers.

The Italian off-road federation has in fact organized the 2021 international off-road fair near Viareggio.

Following the idea of the most recent car shows, or immersed within the cities, here is an exhibition area of 11,000 square meters open that will lead visitors to explore the beauty of the Versilia coast.

There will be Experience areas but also test-drive areas and also dedicated to families.

Within this international fair there will be as many as 65 exhibiting brands from all over the world. We can simply mention Suzuki, but also Toyota, Jeep and Mitsubishi.

For all those who want to live a direct experience there will be Experience areas and precisely two. There will be an off Road park where visitors can try their hand at their own cars as well as a test drive sector to find the latest news.

There is also an outdoor activity for families with a 100 km itinerary intended for all vehicles that are equipped with four-wheel drive.

The Italian Off-road Federation has decided to present an award for companies that will show the most interesting news. The scope of assessment will be related to safety as well as obviously respect for nature and the environment.

You will not need to pay any ticket to enter the international off-road fair as admission is free except of course being in possession of the Green pass for access to test drives.

From 15 to 17 October it is therefore possible to immerse yourself in the world of four-wheeled mobility starting at 11:30 on the first day. The remaining days will start at 9:30 with the activities ending at 18:30 while the closure of the area is set to close at 21.

A very interesting fair held within a magical territory like that of Versilia that will allow many interesting people to discover how the world of four wheels can give unique emotions as soon as you get on board a # 4x4 car and tackle an Off route. Road.

The organizers have in fact organized this fair in order to make the overall experience totally dynamic and interactive. It is an excellent idea to organize this fair within an open and interesting territory such as Versilia, which allows you to better understand the potential of off-road vehicles.

An excellent choice, therefore, is to leave the mega pavilions of the exhibition areas, and immerse the off-road vehicle within its true nature or off-road, from the simple to the extreme.

Here is how the automotive world changes and also adapts to the recent problems in terms of combating the coronavirus.

credit photo STELLANTIS media press