The Italian brand, which has always been a symbol of top performance, has finally unveiled its first fully electric car.

When you say Abarth, you are talking about a decidedly sporty concept decidedly dedicated to performance. Anyone who buys an Abarth car is certainly not as interested in fuel consumption as in performance and acceleration times.

Abarth has always been a leading brand in the world of sports cars, even if they are declined in small dimensions. Abarth's success is associated with the legendary Fiat 500, revised in a sportier key.

With the arrival of sustainable mobility, Abarth engineers got their hands on Fiat's electric 500. The result is a very bad car indeed, with an architecture and style in line with its sister brand FIAT.

The first official image has a bright color, really impossible not to notice. This is how this new era is traced, for the house of the scorpion and for sustainable mobility in Italy.

In fact, it is not complicated to associate the concept of extreme sportsmanship with respect for the environment. Over the last few months, we have seen several Supercars declined in a sporting environment. Just think of the new Maserati Folgore with 1200 horsepower.

The house of the scorpion could therefore not be free from this transformation, and look to the future with its own product. The electric 500 model will therefore trace the gradual electrification of the glorious brand, founded more than 70 years ago.

In the last few weeks some images had been leaked online, showing this little gem in the center of Turin. Now the official image has finally arrived, with this very bright acid green.

We are talking about a launch version called “Scorpionissima”, which is also available in a poison blue. Only 1,949 examples of these cars will be built, at a price of €43,000.

At the moment it is not possible to order it, and reservations will start from February with the arrival in dealerships in June next year.

The basis of the entire architecture is clearly the electric 500 from Fiat, with changes in behaviour. The acceleration is really brilliant and the pickup has benefited from an additional sport mass.

In this way, the typical driving pleasure of the sister with the turbo petrol engine is not to be regretted. The automotive company promises almost superior fun, thanks to an optimized weight distribution.

The wheelbase is even longer, as well as having a wider track. In this way we have greater cornering stability, while on the straight we can count on 155 horsepower. The 42 kWh battery will be capable of delivering this power.

For recharging, we will clearly have to connect the car to the column and it will also be possible to do it in direct current. The new electric Abarth 500 will be able to recharge up to 85 kW. In this way, it will take just 5 minutes to have a range of 40 km and to recharge up to 80% it will take 30 more minutes.

The acceleration times are really very small, and we are talking about 7 seconds flat to go from 0 to 100 km per hour. The advantage of buying an electric car is clearly that of the drive torque, which is immediate.

In driving, this is especially noticeable in moving pulls with a greater starting point, even by 50%. In the passages from 20 km/h to 40 km/h, the jerk is really very important. Leaving the city, even accelerations from 60 to 100 km per hour occur almost lightning fast.

The noise, of course, should be absent, but the designers have included two rather original solutions. Every time the car is turned on and off, and when it is moving over 20 km/h, there is a melody input from an onboard guitar. The roar of the petrol Turbo, on the other hand, is artificially reproduced by a special sound generator.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice how the look is really aggressive. The sports seats have integrated headrests, with the embossed logo and are upholstered in Alcantara. The central band of the dashboard has a knurled look, where we can also see the 10.20-inch touch screen. The display in the digital dashboard, on the other hand, is 7 inches wide and inside we can find all the relevant information.

Pre-orders of the car are currently active, but are reserved exclusively for existing Abarth customers worldwide. A decision by the Italian brand to create a gift for those who have already believed in and bought an Abarth car over time.

We certainly share this decision, as sustainable mobility is an important moment of transition from the present to the future. We'll see if the automotive world will respond with a full house in a few weeks.

In our opinion this car will almost be "auctioned" by the lucky owners. A car that looks very aggressive on the outside, especially in the acid green colour. All in all, a very successful car that we look forward to seeing it circulate on our roads as soon as possible.

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credit photo STELLANTIS media press