The coupé sedan of the German star is the subject of a restyling both in the sedan version, but also in the station wagon.

Mercedes is progressively modernizing all its cars, about halfway through their life cycle. The time has therefore come to carry out the restyling of the Mercedes CLA, both in the sedan version, but also in the station wagon.

We are talking about a 3 volume sedan, characterized by a very arched rear line. It could also be compared to a coupé, given the very clear rear arch.

Aesthetic innovations linked to the fittings, as well as to the technological equipment. The release of this car took place in 2019, and now the new line is very sporty.

Mercedes enthusiasts will have immediately noticed how the innovations are basically in the front of the car. In fact, we can find an unprecedented mask with an even cleaner design.

The slats, which are positioned vertically, are now thinner and this brings the Mercedes logo into even greater prominence. The headlights are characterized by a sharper shape and as standard we find the High Performance LEDs.

New air intakes therefore create a perfect union in order to have a very sporty front end.

In terms of bodywork, a new blue color also enters the standard Mercedes price list. This color is called "Hyper blue" and is exclusive to this model.

New alloy wheels are also 19-inch, while the standard ones are 17-inch.

Climbing aboard the car, we can find a dual independent screen with a 7-inch display, while the second is 10-inch. Within these screens, we can very easily manage the latest generation Mercedes multimedia system.

Important news in terms of infotainment, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless.

On request, we can have two large 10-inch displays, for a very large and clearly visible look.

We find on this car, new dark carbon-look trim elements as well as brown linden wood or microfibre.

The AMG line trim level also makes its debut on the new CLA, with the addition of a heated steering wheel rim. For those who are particularly fond of comfort, they will be happy to know that comfort seats are part of the standard equipment of this car.

Sports enthusiasts who choose the AMG line trim level will have standard seat upholstery in arctic microfiber, or in the brown version.

Looking at the car in its entirety, we can say that Mercedes has developed a simpler car in the offer, improving the standard equipment. The basic equipment of the models already includes adaptive headlights, as well as a reversing camera and the USB package.

Going up in configuration, we have the Progressive set-up, where we find the parking package inside.

Of course, the tailgate with electronic locking for the station wagon is not missing.

In terms of driver assistants, Mercedes has gone one step further, enhancing the overall package with a more comfortable lane keeping system. Indeed, the generation of the new CLA can also boast a parking package, which supports longitudinal parking and offers an all-round view for assisted parking.

As far as the engines are concerned, we have important news. Lovers of petrol and diesel will always have the classic four cylinders, combined with a 7 or 8-speed automatic gearbox, as well as a 48-volt mild hybrid system.

More specifically, the CLA is offered in petrol versions with 136, 163, 190 and 224 horsepower. As far as diesel engines are concerned, we have the classic 116, 150 and 190 horsepower.

The performance of the plug-in version, with rechargeable battery on tap, also improves, which now has 218 horsepower and a good 450 Newton meters of torque. This car is capable of traveling up to 80 km on a single charge and it is possible to "fill up" with electricity even with an 11 kW current power.

Lovers of the ultra-sporty AMG version will be able to boast a 306 horsepower 2-liter engine combined with a Mild Hybrid, as well as an AMG 45 with 421 horsepower and an 8-speed speedshift gearbox.

No information has been released regarding the price, but these Mercedes cars underline how the German automotive house is very interested in consolidating its leadership in the medium sedan market, even if the latter has lately been a bit mistreated and not cultivated adequately by car manufacturers.

Everyone is thinking and investing money and money in the SUV segment and in voluminous sedans, while the Station Wagons and the classic three-volume sedans still have a lot to tell in our opinion.

Appointment then on the road to see this beautiful Mercedes live, which has managed over the years to snatch various market shares from other competitors.

Recall that the market release of this car took place in 2019, and now after four years we have the mid-career restyling.

We don't know if the next CLA car will already feature fully electric engines, as Mercedes wants to imply for all its cars in production from 2030 for suitable markets. We'll see, and in the meantime let's enjoy this little jewel of aesthetic technology and driving comfort.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press