The German automotive house presents the small compact SUV GLA.

The restyling of the smallest car in the Mercedes SUV segment has finally arrived. With prices starting at 42,000 euros, the small SUV is perfect for use in the city and in the countryside.

From a technical point of view, we have Mild or Plug-in electrified petrol engines… but also diesel ones. The extreme AMG version is not missing, with an engine slightly powered by electrification.

Looking at the car externally, you notice some aesthetic changes, which however do not distort the overall line of the car.

In fact, we see a new radiator grille, with vertical slats and a horizontal fin. The headlights have been renewed and now feature a new standard light signature with LED taillights.

For those who like to indulge themselves with body colors, a new option is on the list. We are talking about the new Spectral Blue, which joins the numerous other body colors.

The alloy wheels have been renewed: now we find four new designs. The basic version of the new GLA has alloy wheels with 5 pairs of spokes measuring 17 inches in a glossy black color with polished turned surfaces. Obviously there are also 18, but also 19 and 20 inch alloy wheels. There is therefore a wide range of possibilities to customize the car in this respect.

The choice of alloy wheels is not simply something aesthetic, but also linked to the management of the car and the possibility of driving it in a more or less sporty way.

Clearly even the most extreme AMG version has specific alloy wheels and in particular 20-inch wheels with 5 double-spoke design, also available in two-tone matt black with turned surface, or wheel flange.

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately notice the independent double screen, one of the main and most impactful aspects of the car inside. These two screens have undergone a major revamp and now feature 7-inch and 10-inch displays as standard. The size is that of the instrument panel and the multimedia screen respectively.

As an option, we can choose two 10-inch panoramic screens, which allow you to have a very good view.

The car's steering wheel is covered in leather, and this finish is standard on all vehicles. Alternatively you can choose an Artico synthetic leather.

For lovers of heated steering wheels, Mercedes offers the possibility to choose the heated steering wheel for the AMG line.

The standard sports seats are available for the AMG version, i.e. the sportiest one, or are available as an option for the other trim levels.

The MBUX multimedia system has been revised, with new designs, and also introduces a version where information and content are reduced to the essentials, eliminating all distractions.

The types of ambient light have different configuration possibilities.

The buttons on the steering wheel allow you to better manage the infotainment, or via the touchscreen you can interact directly in the infotainment.

For lovers of connectivity between mobile phone and car, we note that the possibility of a wireless dialogue mode between mobile phone and car has been included. Thanks to wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto, you no longer need to wire your mobile phone.

In this respect, it is now possible to have all USB sockets illuminated and an additional USB-C is also available, as well as more general charging power.

The intelligent Mercedes voice assistant is now even more capable of conversing and learning the questions that are asked of it.

In this way it will be easier to dialogue and ask, for example, the typical route that is taken every day. At the right moment, the infotainment can also suggest functions in the areas of comfort and vehicle, precisely depending on the configuration and the driving situation.

The driver can decide to temporarily refuse, or permanently eliminate the suggestion.

As an optional customization, we also have a number of mini games that are specially developed for touch screens, i.e. Sudoku and other similar games.

In terms of engines, the new Mercedes has mild or plug-in electrified petrol and diesel. Diesel lovers will have a wide choice, with a 2000 cubic cm displacement and horsepower from 116 up to 190 horsepower.

The petrol engine, on the other hand, can also reach 224 horsepower in the Mild Hybrid structure. For those who want to recharge the car in the plug-in configuration, we have a 1300 cubic cm3 petrol engine with 163 horsepower, combined with a 109 hp electric motor. The torque that is released is 450 Newton meters and allows you to travel 70 km in fully electric mode.

For the recharging phase, Mercedes has introduced the possibility of connecting the car to direct current up to 22kw, in order to recharge the battery pack very quickly.

Interesting news also for the completely sporty and extremely exciting version. In fact, there is a Mild Hybrid technology that allows for a belt-driven starter generator, as well as an additional 48-volt on-board power supply.

In this way, the sportier version allows you to sprint from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.2 seconds and a self-powered top speed of 250 km/h.

Prices, as we have said, start at 42,000 euros for the basic petrol version and can easily reach over 65,000 euros for the AMG.

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credit photo MERCEDES media press