The first electric Mercedes AMG finally arrives in Italy at a price not really for everyone, but with excellent quality.

Finally, even in our territory we could see and admire the new Mercedes EQS live in the perfect and extraordinary AMG version.

A single version will arrive in Italy for sale from € 175,000. Clearly this is not an economic price and within everyone's reach but we are talking about Mercedes excellence in the field of sportsmanship and in the sphere of luxury and electric.

In fact, this car starts from an already excellent base, that is the first 100% electric EQS and is declined in an ultra-sporty key thanks to AMG.

The typical luxury of the S class declined to sustainable mobility or EQS is now also equipped with truly breathtaking performance.

In fact, this car can count as many as 560 kW of power. Technically, the 53 4MATIC + version featuring two engines will arrive in Italy.

Acceleration from 0 to 100km / h takes 3.8 seconds as long as the charge level is at least 80%. The maximum speed can reach 220 km per hour which is an excellent figure for the world of sustainable mobility and electric cars.

As we all know, electric cars do not produce the typical noise of internal combustion engines, but this car introduces a new powerful and unique sound to the world of electric driving.

Mercedes has worked very carefully on this aspect and thanks to special speakers it is able to produce a truly exceptional sound experience. This sound experience is then transmitted inside the passenger compartment in order to give the sensation of driving a car with typical endothermic performance.

An important engineering aspect is the rotor cooling system which therefore allows to recover power in deceleration and braking. The driver can also decide to set a different recovery power on three levels using the special levers on the steering wheel and then obviously having the help of the car's computer system.

The new Mercedes is obviously equipped with all the highest driving assistance technologies that therefore combine a complete experience and not just on the track.

Charging times are truly exceptional and with fast charging stations up to 200 kW it takes just 15 minutes to have super performance for another 300 km.

It is possible to have a car that can support 200 kW fast charging columns as the construction of the entire car has been perfected and managed in the best possible way. The batteries are also covered by a 10-year warranty or a 250km mileage.

The price of this car, as we said at the beginning, is certainly not low but it can still be important to know the new power standard from Mercedes as regards the extreme sportiness of AMG, declined to the electric world.

credit photo MERCEDES media press