The house of the German star has decided to change the form of insurance provided by Genertel by expanding the offer with new guarantees on measures.

When we buy a car we are always focused on performance and technical characteristics and very often we forget about parallel aspects such as the guarantee.

It is news a few hours ago that Mercedes chose to restructure its offer in terms of tailor-made guarantees. Mercedes in particular has developed a partnership with Genertel starting from 2014 which has allowed a collaboration in this fundamental historical phase of the Automotive world.

The purchasing habits of customers are in fact different from those of a decade ago. The integrated innovative solutions have revolutionized the Automotive system thus allowing cars a necessary revolution in this respect.

This is why Mercedes has decided to renew its assistance plan once again by renewing the Customer Experience of its customers.

Thanks to the change in offers, new customers will be able to increase the choice of protection in insurance coverage. Compared to the current offer, in addition to the basic package, which provides coverage for damage from theft and fire, other insurance levels will also be offered.

The first allows guarantees related to atmospheric events, socio-political events, vandalism, breaking of crystals.

The next one allows you to extend coverage for a mini kasko kasko and driver injuries.

Within the offer, customers will also be able to purchase the “Return to invoice” package which allows the customer to remain harmless in the event of economic losses linked to a theft or damage.

A further novelty that Mercedes wanted to place is the possibility of purchasing electric wheel liability. This decision to open up to the world of sustainable mobility is important and underlines Mercedes' attention in this fundamental aspect.

In fact, during circulation, damage caused by people powered by an electric motor such as electric bicycles and scooters are much more common than one might imagine.

As a last aspect we also have the Premium Courtesy service which allows customers a continuous circulation both in case of total theft damage of the vehicle but also of repair of the vehicle itself.

Here is how insurance changes also thanks to the progress and development of technology and people's demand.

credit photo MERCEDES media press