The Italian automotive house introduces a special version of its sedan and SUV.

Sports enthusiasts will be really thrilled with this new special version of the Giulia and Stelvio. Technically speaking, we are talking about a new set-up, available for both cars with the characterization of active suspension and self-locking differential, in order to satisfy the driving purists.

These new cars are a top of the range and are positioned above the Veloce trim level. The presentation took place at the headquarters of the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Team Orlean, in Switzerland.

The choice of location was certainly not accidental, and in fact wants to wink at the close bond that exists between the Italian brand and the Swiss company. In this way, you try to attract the attention of the sportiest part, of your audience.

Recognizing them externally is quite simple, as the badge near the wheel arch is clearly visible, as well as the mirror caps and some details of the carbon fiber front trilobe.

The alloy wheels are dark and are reminiscent of those of the Quadrifoglio. As for the Giulia, we have a configuration with 19-inch alloy wheels, while 21-inch for the Stelvio.

An unusual color instead for the brake calipers, which in this case are black and not red or yellow, as in the vast majority of sports cars.

Climbing into the car, the sporty connotation is immediately recognized. In fact, the carbon fibers are evident, as are the seats with Alcantara inserts and red contrast stitching, combined with leather inserts.

The whole is wisely balanced and therefore allows you to have a touch of exclusivity, but also of dynamism. Elegance, therefore, is not overwhelmed by concepts of sporty extremities and the view is also really pleasant.

These two cars, therefore, are not too over the top and manage to perfectly combine the tastes of many people. Accompanying the journey is the 14-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, already available with standard equipment.

The suspensions are active and this is the technical peculiarity of this enticement. Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Estrema are fitted with active suspension as standard, which is managed by the Alfa Active Suspension control system. Thanks to an interesting and optimal work in collaboration with the Chassis and the DNA slider, they perfectly manage to balance the driving mode with the will of the driver.

These active suspensions are able to adapt in real time to the morphology of the road surface, optimally supporting the driving dynamics imposed by those behind the wheel.

Driving comfort is optimal, without clearly penalizing driving when you want to push the accelerator. Much of the high performance capability is to be linked to the limited slip differential. This device, for the rear axle, is standard and accompanies the Q4 all-wheel drive, the only one available.

In this way, the stability and high handling control of the car, in any grip condition, are able to optimally distribute the engine torque when exiting corners, even with significant speed and acceleration.

Under the hood we find the beautiful 280 horsepower 2000 Turbo petrol or the 210 horsepower 2200 cubic centimeter turbodiesel. In both cases, we have the combination with the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission, with torque converter.

The diesel engine has a torque power of 470 Newton meters , which has a nice pull from the first revs and always manages to push firmly, without being too noisy.

Petrol has 280 horsepower and 400 Newtonmeter of torque , which allow for certainly more important lengths and with a truly sporty sound.

The 19 and 21-inch alloy wheels therefore manage to keep the car on the road optimally even when you overdo it a bit. The braking remains very powerful and modulable, with a rather short stroke of the pedal.

Trying to summarize everything, we can say that these two versions are really successful and go to intercept a slice of the market, that is, those sporty and lovers of the Alfa Romeo Brand, who always need to have that extra touch of exclusivity. Without affecting the very powerful Quadrifoglio, which are of another dimension, these two cars therefore remain optimal and very beautiful to drive.

Prices are obviously in line with the above, and start at around € 67,000 for the Giulia and € 75,000. These two cars are clearly not cheap, but we can say with absolute certainty that those who drive these cars are in a situation of absolute pleasure every time they press the accelerator pedal.


credit photo STELLANTIS media press