The first car subscription with the E-Commerce giant has officially arrived. You can change cars whenever you want, you pay a certain amount per month and you don't have big time constraints. How will the rental companies react?

And the car subscription has also arrived. In an era where the concept of "sharing economy" is the undisputed King of the economy, where nothing is owned and everyone is bound to a subscription or rental, here comes the number 1 giant in the world for e-commerce. We are talking about Amazon, launched years ago as a book site by Jeff Bezos, and which is now the reference point for online purchases with same-day deliveries at your doorstep.

The decision to make this agreement was FCA, or the group that met Fiat, AlfaRomeo, Lancia, Jeep, Abarth. For the moment, only Fiat and Jeep cars are participating in the commercial operation, specifically Fiat # 500, Fiat # 500L, Fiat 500L Cross, Fiat 500L Wagon, Fiat # 500X, Jeep Renegade and Jeep # Compass.

To access everything you need to sign up for a subscription, which can be of two types. The first is called "Car Cloud 500" and for 199 euros it gives you the opportunity to drive a Fiat car, while the second is called "Car Cloud Renegade and Compass" and for 249 euros you have access to the Jeep world.

After paying the initial fee, you enter this mega family, where you can change cars at any time, with a few hours' notice. And everything is digital, of course. You need to connect to the site and enter the purchase code of the subscription (made on Amazon). Once this is done, you can choose the car and the place of collection (with the possibility of delivery even at home with a small surcharge).

But how much do these cars cost per month? 249 euros for Fiat and 349 euros for Jeeps. And the services? The site states that it includes:

"The subscription includes standard insurance coverage, the fixed monthly price guaranteed for 12 months, 1500 km per month (cumulative from month to month), ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, free choice of vehicle, unlimited changes with cars inside of the same package, the collection and delivery service at all Leasys Mobility Stores in Italy. "

Obviously there is a minimum time of ownership of the car, which is 30 days. A reasonable time to get to know it and to avoid a round of cars, difficult to manage at an organizational level. With the tacit monthly renewal, you continue to drive the same car, but for a maximum of one year. 12 months is in fact the maximum time that you can own that specific car. Then you change with another, even the same.

Convenient isn't it? For people who drive around 20,000 km a year and don't want to think about anything, other than just driving, we believe it is an excellent solution, also to have a car that is always new and perfect in terms of management and maintenance. Long-term rentals, which are so popular even among private individuals, nevertheless hardly last less than 24 months. In this way, the impasse is overcome and you always have the new car. Great idea Amazon and FCA!