The English magazine specialized in off-road, has created a ranking where the Panda Cross came in first place for the fourth consecutive year. Let's find out the details and reasons for this award together.

The Panda has been the best-selling car in Italy for 8 years, and together with the 500, it is one of the leading sales cars throughout Europe for the city car sector. For the fourth consecutive year it also managed to be classified as the best crossover by the English magazine “4x4”. It is not easy to confirm each year at the top of this segment, as lately the cars are becoming more and more attentive to the off-raod theme and that feeling of adventure.

The judges were very surprised to see the Panda Cross, by the continuous ability to manage the car off-road, in addition to the driving pleasure and its engines.

People who live in mountainous areas or where winter is harsh and full of snow, buying a Fiat Panda Cross means buying a perfect car for every type of situation. Thanks to the compact size and the extraordinary traction that has always characterized the Fiat Panda 4x4, there is no snowfall that can create problems for driving . Born as a perfect city car, the Cross version allows you to create total freedom on off-road.

For those unfamiliar with the “4x4” magazine, just two words. We are talking about the only magazine in England that is dedicated exclusively to 4x4 and pick-up vehicles. Winning the 4x4 of the year award is therefore a very important fact and a point of reference in the sector for over 25 years. The magazine is truly renowned in England and for fans of this segment throughout Europe.

A team of experts who take into consideration every single parameter of the car decreed the best car of the year. It starts with comfort, passing through quality, and obviously observing off-road performance well. Purchase costs and maintenance costs are clearly not forgotten. It is all too easy to define an excellent car with a huge economic outlay. On the other hand, a complicated aspect is to create an excellent car with a low economic impact and low maintenance costs.

However, it is not the first time that the Fiat Panda amazes. In fact, it is the first city car to have won the coveted Car of the Year award back in 2004 , with the new restored version, as well as being the first car to even reach 5200 m. In fact, it managed to reach base camp on Everest, a decidedly complicated aspect and it is unlikely that other cars will be able to do it with the same ease, within the city car sector.

So long live the Fiat Panda 4x4, not only the current version, but also the unforgettable version of a few years ago, typical with that dark green color, which always steals a smile as soon as we see them pass on our roads, and even better along the mountain trails.

The appointment is therefore in 2022 to find out if this year too, the Fiat Panda Cross will be able to wipe out all the competitors and win the best Crossover award from the English 4x4 magazine for the fifth consecutive year.

credit photo FCA media press