The advancement of technology has led the German carmaker of the Star to develop updates without resorting to necessarily having to go to the workshop for an update in the old way.

You know the cell phone that we use every day for a thousand reasons? Do you also know the computer that very often asks us to be updated in the software, as soon as we turn it off or as soon as we are turning it on? Here, many electronic devices are in fact traditionally updated using a simple internet connection. Others, on the other hand, are subject to constant updates, however, with another methodology. Normally the cars were updated using a simple machine that could be found inside the workshop. For this reason, the person who wanted to update the car's software had to go to the workshop to get a software update.

All this only slows down the implementation process of the car and takes away valuable and useful time from the individual owner. As technology advances and in conjunction with the development of the coronavirus, many car manufacturers are pushing for the update on the air . One of these is clearly Mercedes, which is progressively expanding the possibility of keeping the various vehicle systems up to date.

The first test process began in 2013 and is now standard thanks to the infotainment system fitted to all Mercedes. Currently 12 million updates have been developed with this technology.

It was the E-class , which in 2016 developed the first form of updating navigation maps, with this technology. Before that, they were asked to insert a DVD or visit the workshop. Now every three months, the software naturally updates very smoothly.

Mercedes has developed the software in such a way that as soon as the possibility of updating the information system becomes concrete, a message appears in the central display . The subject obviously does not have to worry too much: it is enough to authorize the download of the system in the background. Therefore, when the vehicle is updated, the use of the car will still be fluid and the owner can absolutely continue to use it in a serene way.

But how does Mercedes make updates? Paradoxically with a fairly obsolete technology, namely the mobile radio technology and the communication module installed in the vehicle. Although it is certainly not the most technological and advanced way, it is certainly the safest one.

Updating a car does not simply mean updating the navigation maps , but it also means updating all the integration systems with smartphones, such as CarPlay and Android auto. Let's not forget the new DAB + digital radio, too, to get even more optimal radio station reception.

With the development of information technologies there is also a need to pay close attention to the security system. Frequently updating a computer or a mobile phone is in fact recommended in order to avoid the introduction into your device of computer hackers that could affect its correct functioning. All the more reason, a car, which is an even more precious and more expensive asset than a computer than a mobile phone, must certainly be the subject of constant attention and updates.

credit photo Mercedes media press