The French company completely reprograms the SUV produced starting from the legendary C3. Several innovations and a truly decisive character. Let's find out together.

Do you remember the legendary C3, in the first edition? With its particular egg shape it had truly revolutionized the entire segment of city cars and cars that were used within the city. It literally opened up a way of experiencing cars in the city and revolutionized design as well. Subsequently Citroen decided to decline the Air cross versions for all its cars and therefore also for the legendary # C3.

The new version, which will arrive in dealerships starting from June this year, has been completely revised, according to a truly strong and aggressive design aspect.

All the originality of the French Citroen is clearly visible inside this car. With a raised structure and a protective aspect , it allows you to drive the car in the city and in the slightest off-road in total tranquility. Also thanks to the presence of some functions such as Grip Control and Hill Descent Assist , it is possible to better manage the function of the traction of the four wheels in situations of uneven ground or downhill.

As soon as you step into this car you can clearly see how brightness is a key aspect. You are immediately flooded with light thanks to the large windows that play a key aspect for all lovers of brightness inside the car.

Once we are no longer distracted, so to speak by the extreme brightness, we are immediately captured by the total comfort of the seats . In fact, Citroen used exceptional seats equipped with Advanced comfort. It will be like sitting in an armchair at home.

For all lovers of car customization , this C3 Aircross is preparing to be revolutionized for every customer. In fact, 7 colors for the body are available, 3 of which are new. 4 color packs are also available for ready-made and recommended combinations. The alloy wheels can be chosen with different graphics and a shape between 16 and 17 inches, both with diamond finishes or completely black.

The interiors can be chosen according to a standard set-up, an Urban Blue environment with typical features of modernity and a sportwear spirit, a Metropolitan environment more purely declined in a gray color and an environment with gray-green leather and black fabric upholstery skin effect.

The car has a length of 4.16 m , height of 1.64 m and width of 1.76 m. The boot can be declined up to 1289 liters with a minimum volume of 410.

The engines that will be positioned on this car will be the PureTech 110 with 6-speed manual gearbox, PureTech 130 EAT6, BlueHDi 110 with 6-speed manual gearbox and BlueHDi 120 EAT6.

As for the prices, no information has yet been released but they will certainly be in line with the competitors. For those who decide to buy this car will find a huge amount of technology on board. In fact, Citroen has certainly not given up on placing all the Adas assistance technologies on the market for the city car sector on the C3 Aircross. There is also a new 9-inch touchpad with ergonomics in order to optimize readability and ease of use. Inside the touchscreen we can use the Citroen Connect Nav or the Mirror screen function compatible with Android auto and Apple carplay.

An excellent car for experiencing the city but also for small and big Sunday trips.

Credit photo Citroen media press