The French carmaker presents the SUV version of the small house. Together.

Very often SUVs are defined as something elitist, spacious and bulky. Citroen instead wanted to create a new SUV but with a decidedly compact declination. To achieve all this he used the base of the # C3, the small one of the house. The result is a small and compact SUV but very spacious inside and with a beautiful aggressive design in the front.

Immediately looking at it from the outside, you can see how the wide wheels and the height from the ground actually make it a truly reassuring car to the eye. The reinforcements in the lower part of the car, as well as the wheel arches made of plastic material, make this car an ideal companion for small off-road adventures.

This car stands out in particular for the front headlights which have been positioned on two levels and are connected to each other thanks to the design that starts from the central emblem of the Citroen. The projectors are also equipped with LED technology and this allows for additional brightness and safety.

Being a car with thermal engine, there is a large ventilation grille in the front that allows the flow of air to enter the engine.

This car is defined as perfect for all those who want to have something unique. The French company has in fact prepared as many as 70 possible combinations that can be used in order to customize the exterior and interior of the car. This very high number is in fact produced by a large number of body colors, from the roof that can be defined with two colors and the 16 or 17 inch alloy wheels that have diamond or full black finishes.

The car manufacturer has also prepared a whole series of customizations for the interiors that vary depending on the set-up . Starting from the more sober and more traditional basic set-up, we can find in the Urban Blue environment a color instead of the blue tone as well as a leather effect inside the dashboard. Going up the set-up we also find the Metropolitan Graphite and the Hype Gray that aim at a more refined and cosmopolitan tone. The seats are characterized by precise and almost sculpted lines.

Looking at it externally, the car immediately recalls the new # C4 and this new design course of the French house. The lines are in fact very soft but are also characterized by the declinations of the front that make it very well defined and with a clearly clear character.
The shape of the front grille is also very particular, which is internally recalled by the interior motifs. These rectangles with rounded corners are in fact positioned in the interior of the car, in landscape mode, while they are inserted in the front grille in portrait mode.

All this is a clear and unique stardom design that Citroen rightly proposes inside this car. Looking closely at this latter car, it is also noticeable how the designs of the front LED lights are characterized by the same stylistic shape.

The interiors are classic but definitely soothing. They are certainly not endowed with unbridled luxury as let us always remember that this car belongs to the small world of compact city cars. However, the basis of this SUV is a C3 and therefore cannot expand too much as otherwise it would steal space from its big sister # C5 Aircross.

All in all, however, it is a great exercise in style that has seen the new trend of Citroen in terms of design materialize in a splendid car.

Photo credit CITROEN media press