The time has finally come to meet the new beast of the Italia house. Let's find out the precise details together.

All automotive enthusiasts who love AlfaRomeo know very well what lies behind the acronym GTA. It is nothing more than the non plus ultra of the Alfa Romeo brand's made in Italy sportiness.

The cars that are equipped with this set-up and modifications also in terms of engines, are something truly impressive to drive. In fact, we remember the great enterprises of the GTA also in terms of car racing.

And it's also time to get to know the new Giulia GTA. It was presented in the experimental center of Balocco in the province of Vercelli. Obviously we have reached new standards of performance and equipment.

The engine that is hidden under the hood is a small concentrate of technology. The volume is equal to 2900 cubic centimeters with an enhanced double Turbo V6 structure capable of delivering 540 horsepower. The car was considerably lightened by using a whole series of ultralight materials that made it possible to reduce the weight by 100 kg compared to the Giulia Quadrifoglio version.

And now get ready because the acceleration figure is really almost staggering. The car can accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 3.6 seconds. This figure is truly exceptional and almost manages to keep up with super series like Lamborghini or Ferrari.

As we said before, driving a GTA is something really absurd even in terms of performance and in terms of the force that is impressed on the wheels. The Formula 1 drivers of the Alfa Romeo Racing team, Antonio Giovinazzi and Kimi Raikkonen, were also contacted to develop this car. Thanks to them some characteristics in terms of aerodynamics and set-up have been perfected.

All those who are passionate about Formula 1 will be pleased to know that the cars are equipped with a single nut fixing for the alloy wheels. This is the first time that this technique has been used on a production car.

Obviously they are all unique cars and among the 500 numbered cars dedicated to the EMEA market, the properties and you can indulge yourself with a whole series of body colors and truly unique brake calipers. Obviously there is no lack of a whole series of additional aspects that can be increased in the purchase of this car. For example, we are talking about the specific car cover and some exclusive services as well as a Bell helmet produced with a special livery ad hoc for this car.

As for the price of this car, the cost is € 175,000 for the traditional version which can be implemented up to 180 for the GTAm or an even more performing version. Clearly we are talking about very high prices and difficult to reach by the vast majority of people. But all of this is truly exceptional in terms of driving and total strength of sportiness.

So welcome new little beast Giulia GTA.

Credit photo Stellantis media press