The German automotive giant has decided to create a sort of eco-sustainable laboratory within a beautiful island in the Greek archipelago. Electric cars to observe the concrete impact within a limited and circumscribed ecosystem.

Very often the sustainability of the offer only with electric cars is mistreated and is difficult to compare with all other hybrid and thermal cars. Volkswagen, which has always been an automotive giant, has decided in recent years to transform its technical philosophy into an eco-sustainable one.

To do something even more concrete, it has decided to define a live laboratory of all the solutions related to sustainable mobility. In other words, much simpler, he decided to concentrate a 100% electric sustainability project within a beautiful island of the Greek archipelago.

We are talking about the island of Astypalea , where only 100% electric vehicles of the Volkswagen group will be placed. Experimentation is currently underway with ID.3, which have been entrusted to the local police.

Later we will see sales to private customers and companies . The next step will obviously be to develop new mobility services such as fully electric Car Sharing and also ride sharing. However, these two aspects are still nothing in the development phase.

Volkswagen has therefore decided to observe in a limited and circumscribed place, the real impacts that sustainable mobility can have. There is also talk of a sustainable lifestyle and not just something related to pollution.

Driving an electric car requires certain lifestyle changes, starting with charging. Currently we are used to recharging cars in less than two or three minutes, but with electric cars it takes some more time.

Hence the reason to concentrate all the experimentation within a circumscribed island. The island is also currently supplied almost exclusively by diesel generators. The Greek government has produced a project that will lead to the installation of solar panels that will allow to fully manage electric cars and power a large part of the island.

Obviously this is a business development plan, but also an institutional one that requires a certain time for concrete implementation.

In spite of everything, congratulations to Volkswagen and congratulations to the Greek government for the first real laboratory where people not linked to Volkswagen are able to complete their own car management process.

Other projects are not particularly active on this aspect. Let us simply remember Toyota which has decided to develop a fully automated and autonomous form of the city.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press