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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions

This is the section to keep up-to-date with the latest news on the automotive sector, chat with other members and participate in events. Follow the official profiles we suggest and, to add or remove any, just click "follow" or "do not follow" on the profile concerned.

No. When a member clicks on "Follow", related to another member, the latter does not have to confirm the request. We have chosen this policy to facilitate the use of information and to bring users as close as possible.

Of course! Anyone registered on YouDriver can share their thoughts, post an article, a photo or a video they want to share with other users. The post will be visible to all your followers.

Currently for each post you can upload:
- one video from YouTube and Vimeo;
- one or more photo;
It is not possible to upload a photo and a video in the same post.  We are working to improve these aspects.

They are our way of expressing our emotion to the post we are reading in a simple and fast way. You can choose from ten different types of animations linked to different moods. You can change your reaction whenever you want, at any time.

Professionals can hold events to present or advertise new products their followers can participate in. Once you have logged in, you will automatically see the events that are organised in your vicinity by the professionals you follow. By clicking on the event, you can decide whether or not to participate

On your PC:
  - if using Chrome, click on "safe" in front of the web address at the top    to enable the location;
  - if using Edge, click on the padlock icon in front of the web address at the top to enable the location;
  - if using Explorer, click on the gear icon at the top right and then on "Internet options", "privacy" tab and the location will be enabled

On your mobile phone:
   - enable the location from the "Settings" menu of your operating system
and accept the location request from the window you see on your browser.

After logging in, go to the social page, select the post, video or photo to report and from "Post Options" select "Report". Please tell us why you think it is inappropriate and we will evaluate the content as soon as possible and take the necessary measures.

- YouDriver allows you to publish buy and sell ads, comments and presentation pages for businesses only if they comply with Italian law and YouDriver's publishing policy.
- YouDriver does not accept images with minors, nudity,  prejudicial pictures or sources of any punitive or compensatory claim from the concerned party.
- YouDriver is not responsible for texts, comments or posts left in the dedicated sections, which are mendacious, harmful, defamatory, racist, prejudicial or sources of any punitive or compensatory claim from the concerned party.
- YouDriver can at any time delete ads and comments and block profiles that do not comply with our policy: suspension or deletion of the profile.
- YouDriver advises you to be wary of any email or text message requesting personal data or money. This scam method is called "phishing", and is an illegal practice.  YouDriver is not in charge of managing or guaranteeing economic transactions. We advise you to avoid these links and to contact law enforcement agencies at the website:
- For information regarding our policy, please read the information provided at the following link:

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