The pre-order initiative dedicated to the plug-in Hybrid version of the Jeep Wrangler started on Friday. The brand, which has always been synonymous with off-road vehicles, also opens up to the world of sustainable mobility.

The big taboos of thermal cars are about to fall one after another. Jeep, which has always been a brand associated with off-road and outdoor life, has also embraced hybrid plugin technology. Among the different types of hybrid technology, that plugin allows you to recharge the battery with a private or public recharge. The car therefore has the ability to perform a certain number of km, only with an electric mode.

Even the Wrangler, after the other jeeps, has been equipped with the hybrid 4xe plugin technology and from Friday it is possible to pre-order the initial version renamed first Edition. Technically it is simply a declaration of interest via the dedicated site. The potential and future customer can also book the purchase of a complete set of charging solutions.

The latter consists of the Easy wallbox for home charging and the cable for public charging. To all this is added a complete set for car care which is composed of a car cover made ad hoc, the Cargo Organizer for the load compartment and the warranty extension for another 3 years, in order to have total coverage. 5 years old. Two scheduled maintenance coupons through the Jeep maintenance program complete the whole.

The “First Edition” version is defined as full optional, thanks to a whole series of standard equipment and truly avant-garde technological accessories. The First Edition versions have always been sought after by car collectors, and in this case it could be an excellent reason to embrace the jeep brand, for all those who have not yet had the pleasure of driving a Jeep, but also to embrace the world of sustainable mobility.

The Jeep Wrangler First Edition plug-in hybrid has a powerful engine combined with a total of 380 horsepower, thanks to a turbocharged 2-liter petrol engine and an excellent electric motor. Clearly, the ultra-tested automatic transmission is not lacking, and the possibility of making daily trips within the city in full electric mode, up to a maximum of 50 km. All in all, this is an interesting figure, not excellent in terms of primacy, but certainly an average figure.

Aesthetically, the car stands out thanks to particular design elements such as the 18-inch wheels, the high-visibility full LED headlights, the rigid cover for the spare wheel.

In terms of safety, the car in question benefits from all the driving aid and active and passive safety systems of the Fiat and Jeep brands. In fact, we find the Adaptive Cruise Control, the Forward Collision Warning Plus, Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Path Detection as well as the rear camera and a new front camera, the keyless system and obviously the inevitable front and rear parking sensors.

All this splendor constitutes the debut First Edition which is also the most complete version of the Wrangler # 4xe range. It will arrive in European showrooms and indicatively by next summer and the prices have not yet been declared by the Italian car manufacturer.

credit photo FCA media press