The annual Mercedes-Benz press conference has just ended, tracing the past year and defining new goals. Let's see together how it went and where it is taking the house of the Star.

It has been a terrible year in many ways. With the covid-19 pandemic and the global automotive revolution, all the different car manufacturers have had to put their budgets to the test. The annual Mercedes end-of-year conference took place a few hours ago, rattling off a whole series of data relating to the past year.

Despite the heavy repercussions of covid-19, 2020 ends as an all in all good year for Mercedes. With 44,000 cars registered in Italy since the beginning of January , the star's house has in fact gained new market shares.

Excellent news for Smart , which at the beginning of the project was truly a huge unknown in the electric-only construction, and which saw the units increase to over 4000 vehicles registered, with a share of 16%, compared to 2900 units in 2019. another great all-electric car, the EQC , was launched in full lockdown this year and 188 contracts have already been signed for this first fully electric vehicle from the Star .

As for sportiness, Mercedes-AMG continues to grow and reaches 1500 units . For the uninitiated, AMG is the ultra sports division of Mercedes that has been declined not only to top premium cars, but also to single compacts. In fact, it is also possible to buy an A-class in the AMG version, to be able to offer extreme sportiness even in compact dimensions.

As far as the electrification is concerned, Mercedes is one of the leaders among the Premium brands, with over 14% of the total market that was purchased by the plug-in-hybrids of the Star's house. Just to compare the previous year, plugins have tripled compared to 2019 as the market share last year was just 2.3% .

Although the year ended with a good number of cars, or 44,000 registered, there is still a decrease of about 24% compared to last year even if 80% of the cars were purchased by individuals.

2021 brings several innovations to the German house. Let's start first with the new C-Class , which will be released on the roads in the summer. Consequently, there will also be a revolution in terms of aesthetics for the CLS and all sports versions or the C63 AMG , the CLS 53 AMG and also the restyling of the GT Coupé 4 and the very new SL AMG .

As we said in some past articles, Mercedes aims to position new fully electric vehicles from 2021 to 2022, which are able to completely cover all the main sectors. It will start from the smallest EQA, up to the luxurious EQS, which is the benchmark of electrified luxury.

As for the Van sector, in 2020 there were about 9,500 registrations with a share of 53% in the larger Van segment , while the medium-sized ones stood at around 42%. A much lower share, about 5% for small Vans.

credit photo Mercedes media press