Jeep has finally given the go ahead for the possibility of ordering the new Gladiator. Available in Italy in the Overland version, this pick-up has an impressive capacity in 4 x 4 traction.

2021 begins with very important and interesting news for all Italian customers who are passionate about Jeeps. The Gladiator makes its debut in our territory and after about 28 years allows the return of the Jeep within the pick-up segment.

A pick-up, however, that is not suitable for an asphalted road, but that manages to adapt perfectly to any type of terrain. In fact, Jeep's philosophy is to allow customers to go anywhere and do anything with their car. The unmistakable design then creates a highly attractive vehicle, perfect to best express the Wrangler philosophy.

In dealerships it is possible to order the new Jeep Gladiator in the Overland version and in the exclusive limited edition Launch Edition . In both we have a 3-liter, 264 horsepower Multijet V6 engine. The torque power is 600 Newton meters . There are numerous colors that can be chosen for this Gladiator and there are even nine. We have in fact the Black, Firecracker Red, Billet Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Bright White, Granite Crystal Metallic Clear Coat, Hydro Blue, Sting Gray, Snazzberry and Sarge Green.

The design is obviously renewed and easily identifiable thanks to the use of stylistic elements typical of the brand. In fact, we have the Jeep's iconic 7-element grille, on the front, which has been slightly updated and modernized. The steel body is 153 cm long and is equipped with an ad hoc lighting system, waterproof 230 V external socket and sturdy integrated stops.

The Gladiator is customizable in many aspects. In fact, we have different combinations between the loading surface and the upper cover that allow the customer infinite configuration possibilities. We can indeed have 3 panel hard top, soft top and homeless . Depending on the wishes and needs of the customer, the Gladiator can perfectly adapt. The load management system of the box is able to make every type of material transport practical, also thanks to the protective coatings of the box and the cover which can be of three types.

The interiors are typical of the Jeep brand. The compartments are completely washable, for car management without worrying too much about the dirt generated by the wheels on off road. We also find an 8.4-inch touch screen and the fourth generation Uconnect system , in addition of course to the instrument panel with 7-inch TFT LED display. The latter allows you to manage as many as 100 configuration and data display modes for easy use while driving.

Off road management is one of the priority aspects. It is optimally guaranteed, thanks to the sophisticated command-trac all-wheel drive system. The latter is equipped with a two-speed transfer case with a reduced gear ratio of 2.72: 1, as well as third generation heavy-duty Dana 44 front and rear axles with a rear axle ratio of 3, 73.

For all fans of customization, Mopar has decided to add around 200 exclusive accessories that can further customize the vehicle. For example, we can find special covers, coverings for the cargo box, roof racks and transport systems such as basket with cargo net, bike racks, kayaks, or skis. Obviously there is no shortage of tubular side steps, alloy wheels and much more for an absolutely unique model.

credit photo FCA media press