We have arrived at the second generation of the entry-level model for those who are passionate about racing and want to try their hand in this fantastic world.

And here is finally the second edition, or rather the second generation of this exceptional model. We are talking about the Audi # RS3 LMS, the basic car for all those who want to enter the racing world using a Audi RS3 car. Clearly since the first edition it has improved in many aspects, and this means that the next step is simply to get behind the wheel without any doubt.

The success of the car is certainly a fact. In fact, no other racing car by Audi customers has been produced as many times in a single generation as the first generation RS3 LMS. 180 units were produced, a small figure when clearly compared with mass production, but which must be considered very interesting in view of the very limited audience of possible beneficiaries. In just four years, 774 podiums in 1051 races and 279 victories were achieved with this car. There were 16 championship titles, including the title of TCR Model of the Year 2018.

A renewal, therefore, which is based on the experience gained, and which reprograms the car in 360 degrees. The basis for this is clearly the new Audi # A3 which has been completely revised in every single respect. Looking at it from the outside you can clearly see the Audi Sport livery, as well as a truly huge front grille. The rear features a centrally positioned exhaust pipe and a fixed rear wing.

In terms of mechanics, under the hood we can find an engine with a 2-liter four-cylinder structure . The latter is capable of delivering a power that reaches 340 horsepower at 6250 rpm . The torque remains an excellent 420 Nm at 2500 rpm . The transmission instead has a 6-speed ratio, with a sequential racing gearbox of course. The car also features a multi-disc limited slip differential with adjustable preload .

An extremely powerful but also extremely safe car . In the description of the car we must in fact mention a new rollbar structure in steel tubes, which is combined with a 6-point safety belt and very sturdy wraparound racing seats.

In the event that the car also encounters fires, an efficient fire extinguishing system is present inside it. There is also a hatch on the roof that allows the driver to quickly recover after accidents, in case the latter is unable to exit independently. Of course, there are also optional wraparound safety nets on the right and left.

As for the suspension and the set-up, both have been redesigned. The front axle is characterized by a McPherson , while in the rear we find a four-link suspension , as well as tie rods for a better steering feeling.

A car that has therefore returned to the market with important changes. We will see if it can maintain its leadership as an entry-level car for the racing market and if it can confirm the remarkable successes achieved with the first edition.

credit photo AUDI media press