The House of the four rings has decided to present to the world the car powered only by electricity in the Gran Turismo version. Two engines and an all-wheel drive for breathtaking driving.

The time has finally come to see the Gran Turismo version of the Audi e-Tron live. We had waited for it for a long time and the other manufacturers such as Porsche had also been waiting for it to go and show the Tycan.

We are talking about a car equipped with two electric motors , each positioned on a different axis. In this way the weight balance of the car is also optimal and the 4x4 traction manages to fully develop its dynamic expression.

Audi has decided to make two versions according to the customer's needs. Let's start with the entry-level version with 540 horsepower and 630 Newtonmeter of maximum torque , but we can then choose the more thrust version, the RS, equipped with 646 horsepower and 880 Newtonmeter of torque.

The acceleration data are impressive and allow you to stop the chronometer in the time 0-100 km / h in just 3.3 seconds in the most powerful version and exceed 200 km / h in less than 12 seconds . Clearly the basic version is certainly not much slower and in fact manages to arrive in just 4.1 seconds at 100 km / h starting from a standstill.

The Granturismo version is characterized by a truly gritty and very streamlined style. The ribs on the front hood are remarkable as well as the wheel arches which have been well structured on the side of the car. Looking at it from the rear 3/4, you can clearly see the Gran Turismo shape, with an exceptional dynamic line and charm.

It looks like this car is looking towards the future. We are not talking about a too extreme version, as it is perfect for 4 people to make a long-lasting comfortable journey.

Being an electric car, the Audi designers have invested a lot of time in optimizing charging times. The maximum recharge can be reached through 350 kW columns, and it will take just 23 minutes to go from 5 to 80% . All this clearly in the version of direct current recharging, but it will also be possible to recharge using the alternating current mode, however, significantly increasing the times.

All those who are hesitant in terms of the autonomy of the car will be reassured by knowing that you have 488 km to have fun without stopping to try charging.

Arriving this far, one naturally wonders what the price of this car will be. The official price lists have not yet been released , but they will certainly exceed € 90,000 or even more than € 100,000.

However, Audio has achieved something exceptional, both on the outside but also on the inside. Looking at the interiors, it is clear that Audi's minimalist air will also be transmitted to future generations, with a perfect combination of elegance and refinement as only Audi can do, without clearly forgetting sportiness.

We will therefore see how other car manufacturers, such as Porsche or even other German companies such as BMW and Mercedes, respond. The bulk has been done by Audi and there will be nothing left but anxiously awaiting the competitors to transmute the Concepts that we have seen over and over again in the various motor shows into absolutely real cars and can be ordered at the dealership.


credit photo AUDI media press