Mobility is rapidly developing new frontiers that were totally unthinkable until recently. Now it is possible to manage the car remotely via our mobile phone.

Let's try for a moment to make a local mind and to think how, until 10 or 15 years ago, everything that is now ordinary was completely the result of dreams and imagination. Just think that 15 years ago there was no Facebook and there was no WhatsApp. If you wanted to organize a pizza with friends, you had to call or send traditional sms.

The telephone companies had tariff plans that included a very high number of messages during the holiday season for example. With the advent of WhatsApp and Facebook the way of communicating has radically changed and also with the development of modern smartphones.

Currently from the smartphone it is possible to carry out a whole series of procedures and have complete information, wherever we are in the world.

Even managing a car is possible via smartphone and Citroen , a certainly not premium but large-scale brand, has decided to introduce for the few customers.

Thanks to the smartphone application, available both for Android but also for iPhone, you can manage the car and view a whole range of information about your car, as well as consult the user guide and the scheduled maintenance program that will alert the next ones. deadlines.

In fact, thanks to the app it is possible to view information such as mileage, the virtual maintenance booklet, as well as the next service. In the desire of the customer to book a coupon, it will then be possible to directly contact a point of the Citroen official services network, in order to fix the appointment directly.

All this is possible thanks to the use of Bluetooth that connects with your smartphone to the vehicle.

In this way we can have a total and clear view of the routes taken by our car and consumption. We can also choose one of the itineraries made and go to observe all the details of the trip such as the time, the time taken for each route and the consumption of that specific trip.

It is a very interesting aspect for all those who have to report a particular trip and do not remember exactly when they left, the mileage of that particular trip and so on.

It is also possible to observe a whole system of video tutorials that allow you to view the technology inside the vehicle in a clear and detailed manner. In fact, the main characteristics and operation of each technology will be explained. For example, it will also be explained how the seats can be perfectly set in order to have a perfect seat while driving.

And for all those who never remember where they parked their car, it is possible to locate it easily, in addition to updating the cartography and the on-board computer simply from the smartphone.

For all plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles it is also possible to program the recharge or precondition the passenger compartment in order to maximize the pleasure of using the car and optimize the autonomy of the electric battery.

It is certainly not the first time that a car manufacturer has created an application of this kind, but it is certainly very interesting that it is done by Citroen, a large-scale automotive company.


credit photo Citroen media press