After almost forty years, Fiat's quintessential commercial vehicle becomes for the first time the best-selling vehicle on the European market according to Dataforce.

The Automotive world can roughly distinguish between the area linked to the transport of people and the area linked to the transport of goods. Whenever in Italy one thinks of a commercial vehicle dedicated to transporting goods within the city, the name of the Ducato immediately comes to mind.

It was first launched in 1981 and now, after 40 years, it manages to conquer the throne of the best-selling commercial vehicle in Europe. This is the result of teamwork that has been developed for years by the Fiat designers who have improved the Ducato for the better with each evolution. The result is therefore a truly optimized product for each individual customer.

Thanks to its versatility and very low operating costs, it has managed to obtain a wide consensus from those who work with freight transport. In 2020, 150,000 units were sold with a market share of 20.5% and an increase of 7% in terms of sales volumes.

Born in 1981 on the lines of the European Light Vehicle Company in Val di Sangro, and since then it has been confirmed as a point of reference in Italy. And it is no coincidence that in 2020, after the first lockdown, this company which is the largest factory in the world for medium-large vans, was the first industrial hub to reopen after the lockdown. We are talking about a place with over 6000 employees.

Intended for trade, it can also be placed in the category of motorhomes. In fact, it is the undisputed leader of the Large Van segment in 13 European markets and is the only one that was created specifically to become the basis for a camper. Since 2010, half a million families in Europe have chosen to travel aboard a motorhome based on a Fiat Ducato. Clearly the shapes and characteristics will have changed by every single camper, but the base is still that of the Ducato that we see transporting goods within the cities.

With the evolution of the automotive world, Fiat has also decided to develop versions that respect the environment. After around 3 million units sold, the Ducato is now also available in the fully electric version. The latter will shortly be available in all body variants with the same cargo volume as the traditional Ducato. We are talking about a cargo volume of between 10 and 17 cubic meters.

A European success but also worldwide as it is not simply sold only in Europe but in 80 countries including North America.

A success, therefore, that is the result of a continuous development of the products that started well in 1981 and that every day has seen the made in Italy constantly re-evaluate in an improvement perspective. And now he has even managed to finally place the flag with our green white and red color scheme above the roof of Europe when it comes to commercial vehicles.

It is an important and also reassuring fact, close to the covid that is cutting the legs of many companies and therefore it is hoped that it is an omen for the next generations of entrepreneurs in our country.


Credit photo Stellantis media press