The house of the German star is once again evolving its midsize sedan. It is the gateway to a new world that is even more digital and deficient. Let's find out together.

Mercedes has decided to present the new C-Class car, even more advanced. A perfect mix of elegance and sportiness with a hint of pure sensuality . The new C-class is evolving once again also on the aesthetic level. Looking at it from the front three quarters, you can see how the front overhang is really short, and it merges with a long wheelbase and a rear overhang that allows the new C-Class an even more dynamic shape. The windscreen and the passenger compartment are slightly moved towards the rear and this only increases the sporty variations of the car. Now it is truly researched and studied in detail.

On the other hand, observing it from the side, you can see how the surfaces create particular plays of light also thanks to the lines that have been reduced to a minimum . The station wagon version features a roof design that combines perfectly with a sloping rear window, great for sportiness without obviously limiting the classic functionality of a station wagon.

The front central grille will differ depending on the trim you choose. In the basic model we will have a central star with slats while in the Avantgarde version, the slats will be enriched with decorative elements and the grille will be embellished with a chrome frame. The version linked to the sporty AMG-line, on the other hand, has a grille with Matrix design and chrome finish.

Meanwhile, inside the car, you immediately notice how the latter winks at the premier class, or the new S Class. Clearly in this case we will have a sportier version and even smaller dimensions.

The dashboard is divided into an upper and a lower part, oriented towards the driver. We have a huge high-resolution display that allows you to have all the information you need and it seems to be suspended in front of the airfoil and the plane of the decorative elements. With a diagonal size of 12.3 inches, it's impossible not to notice.

Let's look at the interiors. The central door panel has an integrated armrest that extends from a vertical to a horizontal plane. The center console is made with a hi-tech metal element that defines a close connection with technology and innovation. There are many details that this car wanted to decline in order to play with the different types of materials and surfaces.

In particular, the declination of the Avantgarde version is noteworthy . There is a certain lightness thanks to the layers and the turned up surfaces used. The headrest and the connected connection with the backrest have also been completely overhauled, for example, with a closed cover that hides the adjustment system.

The new C-Class features the second generation of the Mercedes MBUX infotainment system. Announcements? Certainly! An important step forward has been developed both in terms of hardware and software.

At the moment no information has yet been released regarding the declination of the engines and price list. We just have to wait for the next updates from the German car manufacturer Mercedes.

credit photo MERCEDES media press