The Japanese house presents the new version of its ultra SUV sold all over the world. Let's find out the details and the truly record-breaking acceleration time.

The Japanese manufacturer Toyota has decided to present the new # Rav4 plug-in Hybrid. We are talking about an SUV that literally revolutionized the concept of SUVs during the nineties. If before it was only something extreme, with the arrival of the Rav4 the automotive world has changed. In fact, SUVs are now much more democratic and manageable by anyone, even on the road.

With the development of hybrid technology, and in particular plug-in Hybrid technology, Toyota wanted to position the new 2021 version of its record-breaking SUV worldwide.

The new Rav4 plug-in Hybrid is in fact the maximum expression of the Rav4 range, combined with the latest frontier of Toyota's hybrid technology.

It is possible to choose whether to use the thermal engine or the hybrid engine or simply the electric motor. In the event that you decide to use only the electric motor, you will even be able to have up to 75 km in the combined cycle with WLTP approval. If instead we wanted to choose to drive the Toyota RAV4 plug-in Hybrid only within the city, the km could even reach 98 thanks to a lowering of the average speed. For all lovers of sustainable mobility, Toyota is pleased to report how 100km can be covered with a liter of petrol and CO2 emissions are just 22 grams per kilometer.

The acceleration times are also important to emphasize. Thanks to a total power of 306 horsepower and 225 kW , the car is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 6 seconds . There is no competitor, thermally powered, that can develop such acceleration.

This performance is also thanks to a high-capacity lithium-ion super battery, to which an enhanced converter has been added to the control unit of the hybrid system. The heat engine is a 2.5 liter Hybrid Dynamic Force petrol that works together with the electric structure to give excellent performance.

The Rav4 is a real family SUV, thanks also to 520 liters of luggage compartment volume. In fact, the batteries are not positioned in the trunk, but under the vehicle floor. The platform that has been used is in fact specifically designed for hybrid vehicles, and is the GA-K.

To recharge the car in an electric mode, it is possible to use the filler which is positioned in the rear right part. The latter locks and unlocks automatically with the vehicle doors. Two standard cables are supplied with the machine, one of which can be connected to a normal electrical socket and the other which allows you to complete a recharge in just two and a half hours if connected to a wallbox.

The design continues the trend of the latest Toyota models. The designers focused on refining the look and making it a little sportier. In fact, in the front there is a dark finish for the grille and some details. The 18 and 19-inch wheels allow for a massive side, but all in all slim and sporty.

The interior upholstery of the passenger compartment has a purely sporty approach with ribbed motifs and details in contrasting red. The black leather seats will also be available with a charming red ribbon detail. In short, the Rav4 is the perfect car for all those who love sporty red details.

And now we come to the prices, which start at € 45,500 in case of scrapping. Obviously it is also possible to choose the modalities related to the rental or based on how many km you travel.


credit photo TOYOTA media press