In addition to traditional four-wheelers, microcars are increasingly noticeable on the road. These are micro-version cars that can also be driven for 14 years. Let's find out all the details and limits that can be attributed to this type of alley.

In fact, there is not only a single type of four-wheeled vehicle that circulates on our roads. In fact, there are vehicles defined as microcars. Conceptually, these are very small vehicles with a negligible weight. These vehicles can be driven by two types of people. The first are the new 14-year-olds, while the second are adults who do not have a B driving license.

The Italian legal system provides for a distinction between light quadricycles and heavy quadricycles. The former have a running order with a maximum limit of 425 kg. Heavy quadricycles, on the other hand, have a number of limitations. They must have an unladen mass of up to 400kg with a load capacity of 200kg.

Furthermore, heavy quadricycles can only be driven with a B1 license, thus excluding new 14-year-olds.

Probably the most striking limit of these microcars is obviously the power. In fact, we are talking about a maximum displacement equal to 50 cubic centimeters for spark ignition engines and 500 cubic cm for thermal engines such as a diesel.

In any case, article 53 of the Highway Code requires the maximum speed limit to be 45 km per hour.

What do you need to be able to drive this type of light vehicle? Being able to drive this type of vehicle requires an AM license for two-wheeled mopeds and light quadricycles. Clearly, for those who are in possession of a traditional driving license B, or the one dedicated to “traditional” cars, there is no need for a second license. In other words, those with a B license can safely drive a microcar.

In terms of safety, let's not forget that these cars clearly have seat belts and that they clearly comply with all applicable standards on the highway code.

There are several microcars that we see whizzing around our fleet. Let's not forget that Citroen recently launched a microcar called Ami, which allows it to be driven with electric traction only. Citroen has prepared a subscription plan that for just € 20 per month allows you to drive this car on the road.

There are no travel limits and there is no problem in terms of kilometers traveled. Alternatively, it is possible to buy this microcar at a price that slightly exceeds € 5,000.

These microcars are therefore very economical and parents as soon as their children are over 14 should consider them considerably as they are certainly sources of greater driving safety and also tranquility in driving a vehicle.

Aesthetically they may look a bit clumsy, but they are all in all a great means of urban mobility especially in big cities.

photo credit CITROEN media press