The German house presents a 2-seater with a modern design and 100% electric. She is the sister or cousin of another car that we have already seen. Let's discover the car together.

Opel is also shaping itself towards the new concept of sustainable urban mobility. A new car was presented but it is a bit particular in the declination of the name.

Technically it is a 2-seater that can be summed up with the term Sustainable Urban Mobility. We are talking about a new era, still almost unexplored. These are small vehicles that allow sustainable mobility within reach and at baptisms costs.

Looking at it it might look like a small Smart, but this car is completely different than the Smart.

Basically it is a cross between a car and a quadricycle in fact it can be driven by teenagers from 15 years old.

The length of the vehicle is just 241 cm and therefore can be used by practically anyone. The data of this car are quite eloquent: it cannot exceed 45 km per hour and the engine power does not exceed 6 kW.

The vehicle can travel up to 75 km per hour with a WLTP homologation cycle and can be easily recharged from any electrical outlet.

Thanks to a modern design, the vehicle wants to intercept as many teenagers who do not want the moped but prefer a car of a famous brand that is therefore different from the microcars we currently have in circulation.

This vehicle, if we look closely, is the brother or cousin of Citroen Ami . We are talking about a vehicle that is creating a lot of curiosity among young people and that is perfect for going to decline a need of the city at a very low cost.

Since the vehicle can be safely recharged at home with a normal electrical outlet, the cost of recharging is practically negligible. In fact, we must consider that these vehicles consume very little and technically consume even less than a moped.

The vehicle is therefore perfect for all those looking for a first means of getting around or even a second means of getting around the city. Little comfort (as we mean it on a car) and reduced to a minimum. As soon as we sit in the car, we immediately notice that we do not have an ordinary stomach and that we can better manage a whole series of activities as we normally do on a daily basis.

As we have seen in the Citroen Ami, the internal equipment is really reduced to a minimum and even in this case, inside the new Opel vehicle we do not have the presence of a dashboard as we traditionally understand it.

The vehicle can currently be booked in Germany and will be delivered in Germany and major European countries in the coming months. No information has been released about the price but we should be about the quotation of the Citroen Ami.

credit photo OPEL media press