La casa della stella presented the new version of the small van, perfect for everyday life too.

Very often people who do not like the most popular segments such as compacts or SUVs, find themselves in a difficult situation in finding the perfect car.

For all those who are looking for a vehicle with plenty of space but which is characterized by a low drive, the Citan could be the ideal vehicle.

Inside it is really spacious and in addition to this the Mercedes safety certainly does not disappoint the user. The house of the German star has decided to present the new generation of Citan, a vehicle that is very reminiscent of commercial vans, transformed into a road car.

However, the dimensions are compact and in fact allow to combine the dream of many of having spaciousness and little road space.

It has an overall sober line: this vehicle is perfect for not standing out much in traffic and being almost sinuous thanks to its lines. The lines are muscular and the wheel arches in evidence underline how this vehicle wants to be a meeting place between dynamism and spaciousness.

The second row features side-scrolling doors that allow you to get on board easily and very comfortably. There is certainly no shortage of space to load a stroller or a seat and also practicality is at the highest levels.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately notice how Mercedes wanted to develop the dashboard horizontally also with regard to all the different storage compartments. Using the profile of a wing, the Mercedes designers wanted to create an important spaciousness inside the vehicle.

The technology does not change and obviously there are all those accessories that are essential on board a car. Of course we have the electric parking brake as well as the keyless starting system and the Mercedes air conditioning.

As soon as it is placed on the market, the CItan will have 3 diesel engines and 2 petrol engines. Consumption is very low and this is a factor to consider considerably during the purchase phase.

Mercedes has also worked excellently in order to keep fuel consumption low and particular attention has been paid to the 85 kW version of the engine.

According to what is learned online, this vehicle is the last one developed by Mercedes in the commercial field with combustion engine, obviously before the transition to sustainable mobility and electric.

As stated in a note by a German top manager, this commercial vehicle was designed by professionals for professionals who also need an everyday car without forgetting the spaciousness and the possibility of transporting people and goods during everyone's life. the days.

As for the prices, we start from around 18 thousand euros for the van version while we start from 21 thousand euros for the passenger version.

credit photo MERCEDES media press