According to recent data relating to registrations of cars sold in Europe, Dacia Sandero has even surpassed a giant of mobility such as Golf. The shares of electric and hybrid cars are increasing, while diesel and pure petrol cars are decreasing.

Before commenting on the gradual transition of the market towards fully electric sustainable mobility, let's look at an absolutely important data: the overtaking of Dacia Sandero compared to Volkswagen Golf.

In July 2021, precisely 20,446 Dacia Sandero were registered against the 19,425 Volkswagen Golf with a scrap of 1000 units.

The impressive figure to observe in particular, however, is by comparing the changes in the data compared to July 2020. Golf in fact collapsed by 37% compared to July 2020 while Dacia Sandero has all in all held up and indeed recorded an increase of 6%.

This figure is truly sensational because it confirms how Golf, although it is one of the most loved car in the world, has suffered heavily along with Volkswagen T-Roc. The latter car in fact recorded a decrease of 17% compared to the previous year.

Dacia Sandero, on the other hand, has remained stable after all as the aficionados of this brand and this type of car have not gone to new shores.

Dacia Sandero has also registered a new generation that has intercepted interesting tastes in particular in Romania with an increase of 24% and in Germany with an increase of 15%.

However, looking at the data coming from Jato at a European level in a more complete and complex way, we note how 5433 volkswagen ID.3 have been sold well in Europe. It is a debut of this car and therefore we can say all in all that most of the people who bought Golf in the past have progressively moved towards electric cars.

In fact, Dacia Sandero does not have a direct electric counterpart and therefore we can say that all in all a car like the Golf in the endothermic version we are feeling the blow heavily.

In fact, if we look at the hybrid versions, even Golf we notice how it has increased considerably. Volkswagen Golf Phev had an increase of as much as 145%.

The fastest growing plugin hybrid car is the BMW X5, as it is benefiting from growing curiosity about the large hybrid.

However, SUVs remain the most sought after cars with a market share of around 46% in Europe. To quickly understand the second best-selling segment is the Ford Fiesta segment, for example, with a 17% share.

Diesel is going down as well as pure gasoline. Technically, therefore, we are witnessing a decline in pure petrol and diesel cars and a progressive increase in hybrid and fully electric cars.

We do not yet know all the different steps that will lead the cars to be fully electric but we really seem to understand how this aspect is incontrovertible.


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