New driving assistance technologies and next generation comfort. Volkswagen presents the new Tiguan allspace with a load capacity of up to 1920 liters.

The car manufacturer that created the new generation of Tiguan Allspace, perfect for combining a SUV structure and a concept of comfort and spaciousness never seen before.

The new extra large version of the Tiguan comes standard with a digital cockpit and new systems in terms of connectivity and infotainment. This new car is perfect for anyone who wants the raised drive typical of an SUV structure, but also a truly huge space.

It is possible to have 2 optional additional single seats, located in the third row. This way we can carry 7 people safely inside the SUV and is therefore perfect for all those extra extended families.

In the event that these seats positioned in the third row are not needed, the individual seats can obviously be folded down. By folding down the seats, they disappear flush into the floor and allow for a flat loading surface, perfect for loading large loads.

Even in the 7-seater configuration, the trunk is really important and starts from 700 liters to reach up to 1920 liters in the event that all the seats are folded down.

This car comes from the MQB platform and has all the new technologies as regards assisted driving. For example, there are the new Matrix LED headlights, with also the adaptive adjustment of the DCC trim.

Volkswagen is positioning this new adventure on the market by introducing TDI direct injection turbodiesel engines of 150 and 200 horsepower also equipped with double SCR catalytic converter with double injection and AdBlue. In both cases we have a Volkswagen 7-speed DSG gearbox that allows the double clutch, very fast changes.

Thanks to this configuration it is also possible to reach acceleration times of just 9.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km per hour.

For those who need an all-wheel drive, there is obviously the 4motion version with acceleration times even lower than 9.7 seconds.

If we need a more powerful engine, there is the 200 horsepower one whose acceleration times can drop even more and stop at 7.8 seconds.

For the petrol configuration we have a beautiful 1500 cubic centimeter TSI with 150 horsepower with a 7-speed DSG gearbox. There is also a slightly more important engine in terms of volume that also reaches 2 liters on petrol and 245 horsepower.

In terms of design, this car is recognized in terms of the new generation thanks to the new design of the specific front. In fact, the IQ Light system is inserted with the Matrix led headlights.

A car that presents itself and is capable of satisfying every choice even in terms of color, thanks to the 8 available paint finishes. A large and spacious car, but nevertheless equipped with ingenious SUV characteristics that do not make it too heavy in the management of loads and therefore in the management of the transport of people or goods. It is also perfect for use as a towing car for small trailers or caravans.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press