The Nissan electric sedan gets some little news for the new year. Let's find out together what has changed and since when it is possible to buy it.

  • New rims
  • Interiors
  • Autonomy
  • Prices

Nissan Leaf is certainly one of the most important electric cars of recent years. Its positioning on the market, in fact, dates back to several years ago, well before the activation of various car manufacturers.

We can in fact say that it is one of the first electric cars, and its marketing has achieved excellent results. With the arrival of the new year, Nissan wanted to define some interesting news in this respect.

New rims

What immediately catches the eye are the new 16 and 17 inch alloy wheels. The design is really special and honestly we hadn't seen one like it before.

Thanks to the insertion of elements with glossy black color, Nissan's new way of conceiving alloy wheels is really interesting.

In the center of the circle we can also find the new Nissan logo, which is also available on the central grille and on the rear.

Those who decide to buy the new Nissan Leaf will also be able to choose the new body colors. Two firsts are planned, which we have already seen on Qashqai and Ariya. The two colors in question are Universal Blue and Magnetic Blue. Two different shades of blue, which therefore are added to those already available on the market, of which 6 in solid color and 5 in two colors.


Those who were expecting something new for the interior will be disappointed. Unfortunately we have to register no changes. In fact, we find the classic, but excellent, multimedia system on an 8-inch screen, obviously with Apple carplay and Android auto compatibility. Furthermore, starting from about half of this year, compatibility with Amazon Alexa will also be possible.

Thanks to the integration with these systems, it is possible to manage and control the car remotely, even on interesting aspects such as air conditioning. In fact, we can pre-heat the car or air-condition it, to make the journey more pleasant and to remove excess heat or too bitter cold.


In terms of autonomy, the technical characteristics do not change either. We always remember that those who want to approach electric driving with this car can choose between a battery cut of 40 and one of 62 kWh.

The first cut is combined with a three-phase electric motor with 150 horsepower and 320 Newtonmeter of torque. The second battery, 62 kWh, is associated with a 214 horsepower engine and 340 Newtonmeter of torque.

In this way the autonomy, in the first case is about 270 km, while in the second it can even reach 385 km. Obviously there is no lack of assisted driving systems, which allow for total comfort during the journey.

This car clearly does not stand out from the other electric cars already present for innovation, but it does so above all in terms of solidity. Nissan is obviously a very solid car manufacturer, which can count on considerable experience in several areas.

The sharp lines of the outside of the car, however, allow you to have a nice perky car and also very interesting graphically. The interior is not the most modern, and several electric cars have a decidedly more modern design.

The presence of several physical buttons gives a touch of "traditional" self. Without getting on premium cars, such as Tesla, this car, however, is aimed at an audience that does not pay too much attention to the latest technologies, but wants an electric car, capable of being safe and totally reliable.

The steering wheel also has several buttons that allow you to have total control of the car and its main components.


The new Nissan Leaf is already available for order now, starting at around € 29,000 and will be delivered from April onwards.

Thanks to the eco-incentives that the Italian government is introducing, this opens up an excellent opportunity for all those who want to enter the world of sustainable mobility.

Taking advantage of the incentives and discounts of dealers, this car can easily be placed in a range between 20 and 25 thousand euros.

The autonomy of 270 km, in the basic configuration, is however suitable for all those people who need a car for purely city use.

Those who have the opportunity to recharge their car at their home must in our opinion seriously consider this car. The degree of technical and technological maturity of the new Nissan Leaf, in fact, allows you to travel absolutely serene with solid guarantees as Nissan knows how to entrust to its cars.

Obviously Nissan is carrying out a battery optimization project, but this car is already very good from an engineering aspect.


credit photo NISSAN media press